April Fools Day written on grey pegboard, jester hat decorates the lettering on gray background. Office April Fools’ pranks

Office April Fools’ pranks can be a tough argument to walk. The best role escapades are ones that( patently) won’t get you fuelled, or even close to it; but at the same time, you still want something that makes people laugh enough or disorients beings enough to merit “prank” status, and not fall flat. Straight from our laughter writer, there is nine of our favorite funny part escapades to try this April Fools’ Day.( Of direction, the appropriateness of these department escapades will depend on the flavor at your workplace–you may be better off relate April Fools’ Day jokes in the break-dance chamber .) If your mothers are better plays about April Fools’ pranks than your coworkers, perhaps opt for these funny escapades to play on your parents, or funny text escapades instead.

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