Did anyone else find themselves know … … if The 100 Season 6 trailer was just an illusion created to mess with our psyches?

Well either the two sunbathes aligned and the wait for this trailer was our form of being subjected to torture, or it is all real and everything all remarkable.

The CW firstly captured our interest with a brand-new sign that predicts lots of colouring on the brand-new planet, as well as Clarke perhaps facing her wizards in a more literal smell than anyone expected.

But the trailer cemented that and much more because, in fact, almost all we know went through some kind of feelings torture in that sneak peek at the brand-new season.

In reality, various people actually ended up in situations from their past, possibly being forced to confront corrects that they might not have shaped if the choice was theirs.

And the information was government officials spread trailer that gave us a preference for what that are likely to, combined with a peek at this new planet and so much more.

It was also the trailer that provided us with a hope that this new season will dive into areas that fans ought to have bidding for.

The attention that Clarke get, especially when so much better of it is her operating through the trauma and the hope that she is wrestling with inside of her, is a offering that keeps on giving.

Then there are those peeks at all the characters running through something, with the tension and the possibilities germinating as more and more of countries around the world comes into view. Both literally and figuratively.

A brand-new planet doesn’t equal ended section, but it does open the door for old problems to resurface and be confronted in unpredictable practices.

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Familiar Faces In New( and Old) Residence

It is like all we have been waiting for was that trailer because with it came many answers we were hoping for.

A brand-new notebook necessitates a new look, and Sanctum (!) is surely its own model of a sacred place, particularly for Clarke who is transfixed by this world and the promises that it harbours, maybe even more than everyone else.

There is that clear cut wanted to go she has for better and maybe even happier terms for everyone, which connects back to the heart bents that she is grasping to.

And that we are able to condemn her when it all appears sort of perfect in the beginning?

But adjudicating from Bellamy’s outlook on the new planet, Bob Morley was indicating at something atConageddon when he mentioned Season 1 Bellamy appearing again, which works well with the danger that appears just as quickly as it seemed to disappear.

First, existing conflicts comes from the planet itself, with some murderer side effects from the two daylights eclipsing.

There was mention of Eliza Taylor being challenged throughout the season, an energizing envisage all on its own, but it was like every actor gets to work through something.

When it comes to the planet at least, they have this dangerous sort that appears in them from the sounds of it.

The intrigue though comes from the fact that everyone is researched, with references like Madi, Murphy, Emori, Jackson, and Echo all showing signs of some memorable psychological issues that they have to fight against.

The question becomes whether it is all based on the planet consequence them, or if there is more to Russell’s terms about changing the past.

Clarke argues that she does and then we are taken with her back to Mount Weather, a selection that left quite a mark on her person and the acces that she chose to live from then on.

Octavia faces that same quandary with Blodreina, pushing herself in the pits has never become more perplexing or more validating.

There was already take about clones when it came to the advertisement and the idea of facing your demons.

If your beast is yourself, is fighting what you consider your darkest parts even possible?

The 100 makes that question and races with it, leaving us wondering if there is a physical manifestation that will give a few of our favourites the ability to truly face what they might have been obstructing from.

Clarke tells Russell that they want to change, and hitherto reminders prove that the situation might call for quite the opposite from them.

With everyone potentially being tested by the planet, by themselves, and even by others there is no that peace will precisely magically happen right away.

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New Faces, New Threats, and New Eclipse Induced Psychosis

A different way of looking at Sanctum includes the idea of a private home from which most people are omitted. Now JR Bourne’s character who we will know as Russell forms the apparition of a amicable place that welcomes all.

Clarke at the least is invited there with open arms, getting access to a room and merriment that she hasn’t had in a while. And more there were slew of indications that it wasn’t all as brilliant and inviting, at least not for everyone.

There were very Reaper-like types operating through those groves that Bellamy and a few others were headed towards. This doesn’t mean they meet paths, but when was The 100 knows we avoiding a freaking schism?

There is even slew of less than category interactions being introduced in a trailer where many of these references don’t even have names in our knowledge yet.

Russell is the first one to consider though, just as much as he looks like something spreading peacefulnes and kindness, something is off.

Maybe it is just a combination of JR Bourne and this intricate illuminating grouped together to tantalize something dark, or maybe there is actually more ominous material happening than what everybody ascertains at the surface level.

There are many groups living on this property, and not all of them are manner to one another or to strangers.

Courages like Madi are in danger beyond only mental conflicts with themselves, although there is much of that to prevent everyone up at night.

Madi goes missing at some phase, and whoever else is right there doesn’t appear to be totally welcoming. Her being a nightblood and a captain might not entail she has adherents on this new planet, but that doesn’t imply she has nothing to offer.

Considering that everyone down there perhaps knows about the nightblood, they should all have it, but it can also organize conflict for someone in its own position like Madi’s when she has the inferno in her as well.

Could Gaia be with her “because theres” concealing out and Madi needs to be protected?

It all comes down to the fact that as much as our favourites are putting shame on each other and are told by others that they aren’t good, their home communities ever rapidly crumbles when their excellent facade is examined a bit more.

Sanctum was like paradise, but nothing is ever like it seems.

Getting our favorite characters to focus on themselves and their darkness is an excellent way to confuse from the dark grown on Sanctum.

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The Bellarke Corner With Lots of Colorful Lighting

Bellamy and Clarke are inclining quite a bit towards one another in that trailer and we are all living for it.

How does one even deal with the fact that the radio calls are acknowledged in the trailer itself?

There were predicts of attributes actually talking this season, and it was like we caught a little bit of that between the two most anticipated soulmates of the show.

Just because they are together trying to figure out how to survive on this planet doesn’t signify everything is good between them. That might not clang promising, but there is just something about a pair labor through their angst that deserves our attention.

The segment might even go beyond what fans are expecting, with the two clearly coming back on the whole premier and stomach thing.

With Clarke much more in her mind, it leaves Bellamy in his head which might become a worshiper vs skeptic dynamic down on Sanctum.

Clarke belief while Bellamy questions, a segment that could task as another Season 1 similarity for these co-leaders.

Except for this time they have two “children” to worry about and not enough time to even tighten before things get deadly again.

Looks like we need to be holding out hope that while they explore that village together that they really take the time to communicate and reconnect because that is when things work best for everyone involved.

Maybe there will even be duration for another Day Trip, and there is nothing like a colorful but confusing hamlet to set the scene for exactly that.

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A Sprinkle of Special Highlights

There exists worries about Zeke this season because of the actor’s filming schedule, but having him alive and in the trailer discussing redemption with a glad Raven is all this fandom ever needed. They might even have a motorcycle date at some object because the trailer actually knows how to deliver on the teasing.

Romance was certainly in the air, even if we don’t ever know who is actually enjoying it. Raven and Zeke were the obvious ones but Jordan actually too found is now time to share a moment with a brand-new person. Now, we may not know her yet, but the shipping has officially begun for those two.

Madi is not going to have an easy meter this season, and while “its great” to witness Lola Flanery in a brand-new behaving classic, there is also this push to protect her from everything bad. The good thing though is that Clarke and Madi will continue to supply us to those used category feelings. We love our Griffin ladies so much!

We need to talk a second to thank the resonate and visual agency that brought us this trailer in the first place. The storytelling that was told through all of these departments facilitated make this potentially the most epic The 100 trailer hitherto, and for that, we are so indebted.

One plan point that wasn’t mentioned but perhaps is appropriate to provide for is the way that the ship and countries around the world seem to be in play, with some reputations down there and some not actually performing there just yet. Octavia and Diyoza are on that register sure as shooting, with them depleting more meter on the vessel at the least located off the trailer.

This definitely helps set the groupings and fixes that might become a theme for this season.

Now for the most important question of all, who are you most excited to see fight their capacity clone? None of this is confirmed, but fans have already been looking at the acces that Clarke, Octavia, and maybe even Madi are in frames with beings resembling themselves a little bit more than the administration is comfy with. Which showdown would you like to see this season?

Don’t forget that there will be more advertising this weekend with The 100 Season 6 premiere airing at WonderCon on March 31 st, with Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Richard Harmon, Taysa Teles, Shannon Kook, JR Bourne, and manager producer Jason Rothenberg all scheduled to take part in a Q& A afterward.

What are some theories that are already burning in your attention after that epic trailer? Check out the trailer and discuss the matter with us in the comments segment and keep an eye on TV Fanatic for a The 100 Season 6 philosophy/ trailer shot breakdown coming up soon!

The 100 returns on Tuesday, April 30 at 9/8 c on The CW.