Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson had an interesting journey on Temptation Island, but the couple seems to be doing better than ever in the aftermath of the season three climax. Chelsea and Thomas originally came to the island to work on the cartel issues in their relationship. Chelsea was stymie by Thomas’ flirty highways, while Thomas felt his lover should have a little more faith in him. While they came to the island with clear rules in place, they each stepped out of the boundaries they prepare for their relationship. Supporter accepted they would separate at the climax bonfire and leave the island single.

When Chelsea learnt Thomas flirting with other women, namely Sophia Perez, during his bonfire excerpts, she decided to pursue a relationship with Blake Eyres, one of the single humen on the island. As her relationship with Blake progressed and a kiss was shared, Thomas retaliated by sharing a kiss of his own with Sophia. Although both Thomas and Chelsea broke the rules they rectified for each other and developed even more trust issues, they surprisingly decided to stay together at the final bonfire. During the reunion chapter, Chelsea and Thomas were still in a relationship, even though they acknowledged they were struggling to work through their trust topics. Nonetheless, the reunion was filmed quite a few weeks ago, realise observers wonder if anything has changed in Thomas and Chelsea’s relationship since then.

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Thankfully, the answer seems to be no. In detail, the couple inspects stronger than ever. Since the picture ended, Chelsea has proceeded live on Instagram a few cases epoch to share more about her suffer on the sequence. In the last live, posted on May 4, Thomas sounded by Chelsea’s side. Thomas has also been open about the relations between the two countries on Instagram. He has affixed several stories of himself and Chelsea enjoying their life in Los Angeles. He has even protruded fun at the many accusations that his relationship with Chelsea is counterfeit. But while Thomas seems inclined to make a joke of the loathe the couple is receiving online, Chelsea is committed to clearing the breath about what really went down on Temptation Island.

In a live posted on May 1, Chelsea claimed the couples were facing a lot of stres from farmers to cheat on their partners. “The creators gave us a lot of sh* t about that basically, about not sacrificing them enough. We had farmers in our ears and there’s a lot of pressure and there’s alcohol.” Chelsea likewise clapped back at the dislike she was receiving online, claiming she and Thomas came in with the best intents and that the see wasn’t indicative of their real lifetimes. “I think it’s hard-bitten when people are judging you based on a reality show, ” she said. “We need to give you guys something to work with, otherwise there wouldn’t be a show.”

In her second Instagram lives with Thomas, the couple further dived into the difficult time they had on the see. They claimed that the bonfire times been particularly hard-bitten, as they didn’t indicate the other person upset or contending. Therefore, both Thomas and Chelsea believed their partner was completely fine, which contributed to their behavior. The duo also confirmed they weren’t thinking about marriage or minors right now, as they just got through the difficult experience on Temptation Island. At the moment, they’re focused on their relationship and realise sure they’re right for each other before moving forward in their relationship. Thomas also confirmed he and Sophia are still friends and they do keep in touch.

In addition to defending themselves against the backfire, Thomas and Chelsea announced their plans to relaunch a podcast together. The podcast will focus on relationships, with Chelsea and Thomas picking a topic each week and sharing things they’ve learned, both from the indicate and from their real lifetimes. By restarting a business venture together and attacking their relationship to the public, Thomas and Chelsea certainly seem to be thriving, despite their difficult know-how on Temptation Island.

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Source: Chelsea Orcutt/ Instagram, Thomas Gipson/ Instagram

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