NEW DELHI: Almost all portfolio control intrigues( PMSes) delivered positive returns to their high networth investors in February, with many of them outperforming their respective marks, as the domestic equity market continued to reached fresh record highs riding on superior earnings carry-on and caring Budget announcements.Midcap and smallcap-focused approaches were among the best performers, with nine out of the top 10 strategies on the performance chart coming from the two categories. Two multicap stores, one each from TCG Advisory and Hanut Alternate Investments, too figured on the leaderboard.The best musician was Super Value strategy of Right Compass, which primarily invests in midcaps. The approach delivered nearly 22 per cent return for the month. In the last six months, it has gained 47 per cent.The money has a huge focus on non-traditional IT firms and the consumer goods sector, with top five continues being Dixon Engineering, APL Apollo Tubes, Solara Active Pharma, PI Industries and Hindustan Menu. The programme impounds a total of 17 stocks.Anil Rego, who manages the fund, said his focus on identifying emerging trends before others has paid off. He prefers to invest in the leaders of any industry.“We got into IRCTC when it came and increased distribution enormously. We were pleasant with its growing narrative, as it’s the chairwoman in its orbit. APL Apollo is another stock emerging as a leader in the hoses segment, ” he said.Rego said a change in strategy has also paid off. Earlier he had a much more diversified portfolio to manage the risk, but now he has cut down the number of impounds to create a more focused portfolio.Roha Asset Managers’ Emerging Champions, Valentis Advisors’ Rising Star Opportunity, Centrum PMS’s Multibagger and Good to Great approaches were other top performers with one-month returns of 16 -2 one per cent. PMS programmes are usually long-term financings and shall not be required to be ideally be judged on their one-month performance. However, what they hold in their portfolios may apply an idea to investors on what is working in the market.Abhishek Anand, who finagles both the Centrum stores mentioned before, has a high sentence bet on APL Apollo Tubes, which is one of the top gives in both monies. The capital accomplished really well so far in 2021 with a 50 per cent jump.Apart from the piping producer, he braces Vaibhav Global, Quess Corp, Granules India and Aegis Logistics among others top retains in both the funds.Among the more renowned PMS fund overseers, multicap monies managed by Shankar Sharma and Basant Maheshwari delivered double-digit returns. Saurabh Mukherjea’s Little Champs and Kings of Capital delivered 10 per cent and 8 per cent of the children, respectively. But his Rs 3,214 crore Consistent Compounder fund underperformed with simply 2.5 per cent return. Samir Arora’s India Rising Fund delivered 8.5 per cent.Nifty and Sensex climbed 6 per cent of the children in February, even as BSE Smallcap Index tided 12 per cent, BSE5 00 8 per cent of the children and Nifty Midcap Index 11 per cent of the children.

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