Starfield release date – all the latest news on the next Bethesda game

When is the Starfield release date? Starfield is the firstly brand-new Bethesda series in 25 years, but it’s likely it’s a long way off yet. Regardless, that’s still justification enough to scream so loud with enthusiasm that it could be heard in space.

But there’s more: Starfield realizes the beloved Fallout and Elder Scrolls studio leaving the ground and manager out among, well, the stars – an area of interest I suppose you could call a Starfield. What has the studio detected there? That’s what we’re looking to work out, as the first meteorites filled with information begin to fall from the sky.

Bethesda’s online-only title, Fallout 76, disappointed us as much as it did love of the post-apocalyptic recreations series. However, in some ways, Starfield is a surer prospect: a single-player sport, just like Skyrim and Fallout 4 before it. In other courses it’s bolder and stranger – a completely new universe, whereas Fallout and The Elder Scrolls are in decades of established lore, locales, and beasts. Here’s everything we know about Starfield.

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