Star Wars is one reason why Anakin Skywalker( Hayden Christensen) wear his Jedi garbs during his wedding to Padme Amidala( Natalie Portman) in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. The pair built their secret tale official when they decided to get married in a low-key ceremony on Naboo. But while Padme was all dressed up, her bridegroom decided to arrive in his regular Jedi ensemble.

From the moment Anakin encounter Padme, he was immediately smitten, but their mystery didn’t begin until years later when they reunited in Attack of the Clones. Despite Padme’s attempts to resist his advances, she eventually faced her own feelings and started a fantasy with him. But since it’s against the Jedi Code, they had to date each other privately. Eventually, they choose to make things to the next statu by tying the knot on her dwelling planet without the knowledge of Obi-Wan Kenobi( Ewan McGregor ), Yoda, and the rest of the Jedi High Council.

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In the new diary by E.K. Johnston, Star Wars: Queen’s Hope, it’s been revealed that Anakin saw whether or not he should’ve come up with something more special to wear. But, he figured that it’s best to be honest about his wedlock and show up in his Jedi robes since he is still a Jedi. Read the specific excerpt below from

“Looking down at his Jedi attires, he wondered for the first time if he ought to have asked C-3PO to find him a nicer organization to get married in. He was sure Padme would have something. Amazing getups seemed to only happen on Naboo. But no: he was a Jedi getting married. He would at least are accurate to himself about that. There were enough confidentials in his future. He would be married how he wanted to be.”

It’s interesting to discover that despite Anakin’s murder of the Tusken Raiders, he still was just thinking about himself as a Jedi. As later emphasized, his murder of the Sand People was his first step towards falling into the dark side. Even Qui-Gon Jinn( Liam Neeson) knew that allow his spirits get the best of him “wouldve been” disastrous that he started reaching out to the young Padawan from the tomb. But even when Anakin heard Qui-Gonn’s alerts, he was fully blinded by feeling to be considered his actions. Once his anger adjudicated, he realized that he’s still committed to becoming a Jedi as proven by his wardrobe decision during his wedding with Padme.

Unfortunately, despite his aspirations, he still fell to the dark side. It didn’t help that Emperor Palpatine( Ian McDiarmid) privately manipulated him to turn against the Jedi and become his apprentice. It’s puzzled, however, if this whole Star Wars misfortune would’ve been avoided if the Jedi High Council was more empathetic to Anakin’s personal woes. This new book excerpt proves that Anakin wanted to stay on the flame back, but the circumstances were just too much for him to handle on his own.

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