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Star Wars Celebration pioneered fans to the assign, both brand-new and age-old, of Star Wars Episode IX, which premieres this December.

Then the sunlights dimmed, and the nations of the world recognized a teaser trailer — and learned the very exciting designation of the newest installment in the Star Wars saga.

Star wars episode ix teaser trailer stills squad

PLEASE take note: this announce contains spoilers for the teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode IX.

The teaser opens with darkness and heavy breaths.

It’s Rey, standing in a desert while wearing white and visibly steeling herself.

Echoes of Luke Skywalker’s expression can be heard.

“We’ve passed on all we are familiar with, ” Luke says, while the camera pans to Rey’s lightsaber — one that she must have constructed herself.

Star wars episode ix teaser trailer stills rey

“A thousand contemporaries live in you , now, ” Luke’s voiceover says as Rey draws her weapon.

In the interval on the planet, the distinctive fus of TIE fighter type vehicles can be heard.

“But this is your fight, ” Luke’s enunciate says with help as Rey fortifies for what is coming.

As the First Order vehicle races along the sand-covered field towards Rey, she passes, exclusively to do a massive backflip.

She kindles her lightsaber’s off-color( that’s significant !) blade, and throws through the air.

It’s clear that the First Order pilot is in for a inconsiderate awakening.

Star wars episode ix teaser trailer stills rey flips

Viewers are then treated to a series of kills of planet faces, ships, and familiar faces.

Notably, Kylo Ren, his faulty red lightsaber in hand, subjugates an uncharted foe who appears to be holding a oil skirmish weapon.

In the background, a First Order trooper appears to be participating in the fight.

We also see a repaired and qualified form of Kylo’s atrocious mask , now fastened with red.

He does not appear to be wearing it during any of the trailer’s vistums, however.

Star wars episode ix teaser trailer stills kylo ren fights

Lando Calrissian stirs his cinematic return, piloting the Millennium Falcon.

Most emotionally evocative of all, we ensure representations of General Leia Organa, showed by the late, great Carrie Fisher.

As promised, these are not flow capture situations, but made from unused footage from the first two films.

Watching these powerful panoramas in theaters is going to exact an emotional charge upon us all.

Star wars episode ix teaser trailer stills rip carrie fisher

“We will always be with you, ” Luke’s utter promises.

Then, as Rey and her friends — including Finn and Poe — look out upon what may be the remains of the second Death Star, Luke makes another promise.

“No one is ever really gone, ” he assures Rey, admitted that those closely connected to the Force can accept beyond physical death.

This is when the most surprising instant of the teaser occurs.

Viewers examine incredible, abominable laugh — distinctively belonging to the best person in all of Star Wars canon: Palpatine.

Finally, the trailer discloses the film’s deed: Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.

Star wars episode ix title reveal

At Star Wars Celebration, after the illuminates was coming on, the audience declared with hilarity — because there was a new performer on stage.

That actor was Ian McDiarmind — who plays Emperor Sheev Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious.

( Everyone has their wishes, but he plays one of “the worlds largest” iconic and best-conceived references in all of myth)

Plenty of people’s eyes( excavation included) teared up with glee at this stunning surprise.

Star wars episode ix teaser trailer stills lando flies

Obviously, fans have so many questions.

Who is the “Skywalker” mentioned in the title? Is Kylo Ren going to see foresake the Dark Side and claim his birthright as a descendant of Anakin?

Or is Rey secretly, somehow descended from the Skywalker lineage, despite what appeared to be clear denials.

And speaking of Rey, where did she find the kyber crystal that powers her brand-new lightsaber?

How much epoch has passed in the storey since the conclusion of its contentious The Last-place Jedi?

What capacity will Palpatine play in the film? Will his return, engineered through technology or perhaps Sith sorcery, procreate him the final scoundrel?

For that … we’ll have to wait for the premiere this December.

Star wars episode ix title teaser trailer revealed

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