Protocol Droids generally have a rough time of things in the Star Wars universe, and it seems one Star Wars: Battlefront 2 NPC has finally reached the breaking point. It’s no secret that droids( the Star Wars equivalent to robots) suffer much mistreatment and reproach. Despite being a vital component in the everyday lives of the various human beings and aliens inhabiting the Galaxy Far, Far Away, these often-benevolent metal attendants are mostly deemed more as dimension than beings, often being denied access to desert planet barrooms and subject to being shelled apart or overthrown in the crossfire of one Rebel/ Imperial conflict or another.

Star Wars-themed video games like Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast are no different, as many of them boast Astromech and Protocol droid NPCs that the actor can often attack without much in the way of consequences. As it turns out, the droids have been watching and get angry.

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Once Reddit user Scorpion5 437 aimed another routine of droid savagery while playing through the storey campaign of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, he was quickly alerted to a bizarre glitch. As reported by Kotaku, he came across a duo of Imperial droids loitering in a hallway and met the mistake of using protagonist Iden Versio’s stun-shock ability on the Protocol droid. This attack triggered a flaw in the game, generating the normally non-violent translator robot to spawn a blaster out of thin breeze, become invincible, and lash out at the participate in a programming-induced rage as his Astromech partner watched on in endorsement. You can check out the video of the accidents below 😛 TAGEND

Despite its infamously contentious start back in 2017, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has improved itself into video games that countless fans regard as one of the better deeds to come from Disney’s controversial partnership with EA. Many mods and revises have led to laughters in the fanbase, with such entertaining inclusions as Sequel Trilogy droid BB-8 becoming an unstoppable juggernaut in a DLC add-on and The Mandalorian’smemetically cute Baby Yoda being modded into the game for comedic effect.

But no one could have predicted that a lowly Protocol droid, one frequently programmed for etiquette and not termination, would take up arms in a viciou strike against the abuse that his nature is often subject to in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Glitches like these are always amusing to watch, peculiarly when love can belief on the in-universe explanation for why a ordinarily passive NPC would become an indestructible vigilante bent on murder. Although it may not lead to a droid mutiny, Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s executioner droid kink can at least provision love with some much-needed amusement in this galaxy’s struggling meters.

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Source: Reddit( via Kotaku)

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