Lucasfilm supposedly has a director lined up for the Star Wars movie premiering in 2022, but it is not Rian Johnson. Though all gazes are now under this December’s The Rise of Skywalker, fans can’t help but think about what’s next for the iconic right. Despite the Skywalker saga coming to a close, Disney is planning on ongoing efforts to form brand-new feature film, setting aside release dates in December of 2022, 2024, and 2026 for untitled Star Wars movies. The hypothesi behind them( so it seems) is to finally move the quality outside the confines of the classic romance and explore brand-new horizons.

Unfortunately, Lucasfilm hasn’t had the easiest time ironing out a new slate. It wasn’t that long ago they had two separate trilogies lined up, one overseen by Johnson and another handled by David Benioff& D.B. Weiss. However, Benioff& Weiss’ campaign was cancelled earlier this year, and Johnson still has no idea when his streak will be undertaken( despite it being announced more than 2 years ago ). Still, Disney doesn’t want to give up a prime celebration secrete year, and a inexplicable filmmaker is in tow to call the shots on whatever that 2022 movie is.

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According to THR, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has an unnamed chairman onboard to helm the Star Wars movie scheduled for December 2022. Obviously, this entails Johnson’s next Star Wars cinema will not be ready for that time. THR indicates an announcement about Star Wars’ future could come in January 2020, after The Rise of Skywalker has opened.

With Benioff& Weiss’ trilogy off the table and Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie not expected to take the 2022 slit, the general assumption was that the first installment in Johnson’s trilogy would kick off a brand-new epoch for the galaxy far, far away. Earlier this month, Johnson supported his exchange of views with Lucasfilm are ongoing, but there apparently remains plenty of work to be done. Johnson, of course, has stopped himself busy with next week’s critically acclaimed whodunnit Knives Out, so perhaps he hasn’t had much time to really sit down and develop what his Star Wars trilogy is going to be about. This shouldn’t go take as evidence Johnson’s trilogy is cancelled, but it’s probably further away than some devotees might have hoped.

In the meantime, Kennedy’s mystery director patently made a remarkable impres if they’re lined up for the 2022 movie. It’ll be interesting to see who that is and what kind of relationship they have with Lucasfilm. The studio’s earned itself a notorious stature for artistic polemics, which has led to a number of filmmakers leaving. Ideally, this director will come in and be a stable presence helming arguably one of Star Wars’ most important movies. When the dealership returns to the big screen in December 2022, it’ll be the first brand-new Star Wars movie in three years and( apparently) the first to be entirely separate from the Skywalker saga. That’s a tall order, and odds are this won’t be only a random spinoff a la Solo. Disney will miss this to be a proper cinematic contest, and hopefully everything is runs smoothly.

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