Jedi training isn’t for every Force adept, and there are plenty who don’t choose to follow the ways of the Jedi Order. Yet for those who pledge themselves to guard the galaxy, it’s all-important. Jedi training isn’t all about logging hours in lightsaber engagement class to develop muscle memory — it’s about sounding into a cognitive state, which is why some naturally knack someones -like Anakin Skywalker- could correctly predict the visuals on Master Windu’s datapad during a 5-minute audience with the Jedi Council.

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For every Rey or Anakin Skywalker who required nominal education before they could start levitating objects and telepathically communicating, there were several other Jedi who could scarcely do that with much more extensive tutelage. Given lauded Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn formerly said of the Jedi way, “It will be a hard life, without reward”, which strong Jedi had to work the hardest?

Updated on November 19 th, 2021 by Kayleena Pierce-Bohen: With Star Wars news coming as fast as a strike from Darth Revan’s lightsaber, the future of the right examines strong in the Force. Between rumors about how Jedi might feature in Star Wars 10 and the anticipation attaching for the brand-new Obi-Wan Kenobi series, love have been focusing a more critical eye on Force customers in the galaxy far, far away, as well as developing a broader understanding of the specific skill set that separates the weakest Jedi from the most significant.

A popular Fictions reference because of her underdog floor, Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy, or “Scout” as she was often called, was a poor Human born on Vorzyd V, whose parents prayed a recruiter from the Jedi Order to take their Force-sensitive child to give her an opportunity at a better life offworld.

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While she was allowed to begin training at the Temple academy, her ability to connect with the Force was relatively weak, and few actually felt that she would be able to pass the Tribulation of Knighthood. Resolute on not being relegated to the Jedi Service Corps, she doubled down on honing her physical abilities as a means to compensate for her inadequate carry-on in utilizations involving the Force.

By the time Order 66 was issued by Darth Sidious and the Jedi Order all but overpowered, mysterious padawan Cal Kestishad depleted age fighting with the 13 th Batallion, and the loss of Jedi lives along with the disloyalty of clones he had grown close to damaged him emotionally. Feeling as though he should have done more to save his Master, Kestis suffered survivor’s guilt on top of damage, and this all but separated his connection with the Force.

Though he had a great affinity with mood and could exercise a lightsaber well, he was no longer capable of performing typical proficiencies like Force attract, Force push, and Force repulse with ease. The part Jedi Fallen Order game focuses on healing his damaged subconsciou so he can reinvigorate his connection to the Force.

Featured in the Knights of the Old Republic comics, Zayne Carrick was a Force adept of humble beginnings who was just allowed into the Jedi Order, with a level of connection to the Force that could only be described as “marginal.” After spending his youngling dates on Dantooine at the Jedi Enclance, he becomes a padawan during the Mandalorian Wars.

When he did receive a instructor, it was in the form of Jedi Master Lucien Draay, member states of the unauthorized Jedi Covenant, an organization that was intent on preventing the Sith’s return no matter what.

Though he lives in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and was trained in the tenants of the Jedi Order, Legends fan-favorite Dass Jennir was almost certainly never going to be a great Jedi. And Jennir knew it, often happening upon Master Yoda in counseling with his peers just as they were discussing his future.

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Despite his average abilities and lackluster Force procedures, there was still a plaza for Jennir. With some advice from Master Yoda, he focused his efforts on taking see of situations that weren’t in his indulgence; specially where fightings were concerned, stimulating them fight on his words. Eventually, he was made a Jedi Master, and opposed as a general in the Grand Army of the Republic.

A youngling alongside Count Dooku when he was part of the Jedi Order in the tale Dooku: Jedi Lost, Arath Tarrex had neither his rival’s talent for physical engagement nor his gilded direction with messages. Many felt that the only reason that he was provided a residence in the Jedi Order was that his mother, Yula Braylon, was a Jedi Master.

During the Initiate Trials, he found out that no Jedi Master wanted to select him for further training, developing in him becoming disorderly and corrupted, his mother invariably having to cover up his breaches and gambling obligations. When he satisfied Dooku again, he was with his apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn, who helped bring Tarrex to the authorities.

For knowledge of the Force, focus, and intuition, there were none better than Obi-Wan Kenobi, who among his accomplishments made the rank of Master, sat on the Jedi Council, and contended valiantly as a general in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. However, in the romance Rising Force, it’s made clear that he was considered feeble in the Force, and was only qualified at Qui-Gon’s insistence.

What he absence in raw Force power he made up for in his knowledge and understanding of the Force. Many of the maneuvers his young apprentice committed took much more effort on the part of his Master, but Kenobi exemplified the quotation, “Hard work flogs raw endowment when fresh flair doesn’t work hard.” In some areas, Kenobi had to train twice as hard as other Jedi, but in the end, he appreciated what he learned that much more.

Like all Cereans, Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi had a binary brain that procreated him very intelligent and fiercely logical. While deemed to be of the wisest members of the Jedi Council, he often had to temper his strict adherence to logic with “acting on impulse, ” something that came more naturally to fellow Master Qui-Gon Jin, and later his assembly peer Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Compared to other security council members, Mundi was often the first person to be skeptical of new information, such as an eye-witness account of a Sith Lord, the re-emergence of the Sith into galactic occasions, or Ahsoka Tano’s innocence. More than any other Jedi of his caliber, Mundi had to work at trusting his instinct and putting his sect in the Force, something that was a continuous process.

The only Vurk to become a Jedi, Jedi Master Coleman Trebor was a skilled arbitrator for the Jedi Order, but his finesse abilities didn’t help him when the violence of the Clone Wars came to the steps of the Jedi Temple. He experienced serious training in lightsaber combat and erroneously thought that he could engage notorious rogue Count Dooku at the Battle of Geonosis.

Not merely could he not join the dueling prowess of Lord Tyranus, but he also couldn’t sense the impending attack of bonu hunter Jango Fett, and was unable to deflect his blaster ardor, which been instrumental in him being unceremoniously killed in action.

A padawan at the time of writing of the Clone Wars who survived Order 66while his original came, Caleb Dume premised the list Kanan Jarrus and went into hiding as the Emperor’s scourge Darth Vader hunted down the last residues of the Jedi Order. Star Wars Rebels focused a great deal on its second phase of “peoples lives”, masking his Force connection and trying to survive in Palpatine’s new Empire.

Although Jarrus boasted significant ability in telekinesis, it made a tremendous amount of exertion on his part, building him one of the weakest Jedi remaining. As he rebuilt his connection with the Force, his bond with his apprentice Ezra Bridger allowed him to perform feats he wouldn’t be capable of ordinarily. Eventually, he could save comrades from being suppressed by giant boulders, and even hold back the explosion created by an Imperial fuel tank so their own families could flee the blast radius.

When Mace Windu needed Jedi at his line-up to arrest Chancellor Palpatine, he counted on Agen Kolar. Kolar had been training in martial fighting to assist Windu, and the rest of the council members as aggressive negotiations became much more prevalent in the waning periods of the Republic.

Unfortunately, Kolar’s lightsaber abilities such as they were couldn’t defend against Palpatine, extremely where reference is tapped into his dark side abilities. Countless Jedi, even bracing the rank of Master, had to learn new techniques when it came to handling the changing galaxy.

When Ki Adi Mundi needed a squad of qualified Jedi to hunt down General Grievous in Star Wars: Clone Wars, he selected the vast majority of them from the Jedi Council. Although he chose to draw from a consortium of Masters he saw and is cooperating with frequently, he likewise chose to recruit Sha’a Gi based on his intelligence gathering on the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Sha’a Gi trained under Jedi Master Daakman Barrek at the Jedi Temple and ever had trouble dominating his anxiety, especially during combat training. Gi wanted to work in the Jedi Archives, but during the Battle of Hypori with Ki Adi Mundi and his surmount, his neurotic predilections got the better of him. He panicked and scurried Grievous. The cyborg has been unable to immediately crush him because he didn’t quiet his brain, power his fear, and trust in the Force.

Born more than a thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, Darovit was a young human who failed at being both a Jedi and a Sith during the era of the New Sith Wars. Despite being banked to join the Army of the Light, his time among the Jedi severally lowered his anticipations of the light place, yet despite being the cousin of Sith Lord Darth Zannah, he had little ability with the dark side, either.

Darovit seemed to survive on stupid blessing, as was the case when he miraculously subsisted Lord Kaan’s reflected bomb. This was only possible because of his incredibly poor connection to the Force , not its fortitude. A weak Jedi when it came to telekinesis, he could no more read heads than he could protect his own, and Darth Zannah was able to reach his psychological state so precarious that he suffered hallucinations and get insane.

Despite his lowly beginnings as a farmboy on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker would eventually become one of the most important Jedi Masters in the galaxy. Still, unlike his prominent Jedi father, he didn’t have the raw talent to manipulate the Force at a young age. His skepticism would endlessly retain him from becoming the Jedi destiny demanded.

Even grooming with exalted mentors like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, Luke went worse and worse when it came to Force proficiency, often becoming impatient with even the simplest practices. Checking his self-doubt, incredulity in the power of the Force, and inability to control his affections led to a tumultuous –if not unconventional– path to mastery.

Tru Veld was a young, rambunctious Jedi padawan who cared more about escapades in various regions of the Jedi Temple than attending to his studies and managed at one point to bond very closely with a young Anakin Skywalker until a fault developed between them. He formerly shot off fireworks in various regions of the Jedi Temple’s reflecting pond, incurring the ire of his ruler, and acquiring a reputation for being reckless.

If Veld had spent more hour focusing on his own self-improvement as a Jedi and less term spying on Anakin and giving his desire and rage get the better of him, he would have become a much more accomplished Jedi.

Despite being hand-chosen by Luke Skywalker to help build his New Jedi Order, Tionne Solusar wasn’t particularly strong with the Force. Her sensitivity was weak, and she needed to work twice as hard as the rest of his students to achieve the rank of Jedi Knight. Where she absolutely shined was stopping Jedi lore organized and communicable to her peers.

Solusar became known as a Jedi historian, often obtaining unconventional ways to pass on knowledge of Jedi attainments, such as through ancient artifacts she accumulated, or ballads she wrote. She knew that a Jedi’s greatest superpower didn’t ever come from their physical prowess or width, but from an improved understanding of the Force, and though she was considered a weak Jedi by some, she developed her own unique persuasiveness in other areas.

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