Developer Benjamin Sandofsky and decorator Sebastiaan de With, the duo behind the popular iPhone camera app Halide, have announced a brand new camera app called Spectre. It’s an AI-powered camera that helps you shoot long showing photos with your iPhone.

Shooting long show photos traditionally expects changing your camera and figuring out the right amount of light-headed. Spectre takes care of those things for you, allowing you to focus entirely on the situation you’re capturing.

Want to remove parties or moving objectives from a mobbed representation? Simply time your camera at it and capture a medium or long duration film — the crowd or objects will be magically removed from the resulting photo.

For a traditionally bred long show shot at night, Spectre’s AI scene detection will automatically switch procedures and capture glowing roads of moving objects.

Spectre can also work with Live Photos, allowing you to replay the exposure and watch fluctuation in the scene turn into ghostly blurs.

Here are some sample photos captivated with Spectre 😛 TAGEND

Other features in the app include vehicle stabilization, tripod sensing, HEIC capture and grapevine, DCI-P3 broad complexion range, and a UI that’s easy on the eyes at night.

Spectre is accessible now from the iTunes App Store for a special introductory price of$ 2( with the rate set to be hiked at a later date ).

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