Smiling Friends just got showed for a second season on Adult Swim. The register, created by YouTubers Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel( aka psychicpebbles ), first premiere on January 9th of this year to both supporter and critical acclaim. In fact, distributed according to Adult Swim, Smiling Friends season one debut was# 1 in certain demographics, leaving no doubt that tribes are excavating this quirky enlivened gloom humor. And for those working that don’t have cable, it was recently announced that the part first season is now streaming on HBO Max. #SmilingFriends on #AdultSwim will see a season two sometime in the near future. Both Birdgirl and Smiling Friends are available on HBO Max, and if you haven’t watched either of them just yet, I’d recommend it. In other information, Robert Pattinson wants you to know that The Batman is a sad movie. Speaking with GQ, Pattinson talks about how different the artwork for the cinema is, along with how much he hopes there’s fairly sad people in this world to enjoy it. And finally, check out the brand-new advertisement of Morbius!


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