It’s once more been reported Kojima Production is working on a new Silent Hill sport. Hideo Kojima was famously working on the canceled Silent Hills before his infamous departure from sequences publisher Konami. The game’s demo, P.T ., left numerous panic-stricken and wanting to see more from the Metal Gear creator’s vision of the repugnance dealership. The quirkies of it happening have seemingly cringe over the years, but reputable generators are now intimating it’s possible.

A week prior, it was reported that Konami is developing multiple Silent Hill games, a new Castlevania, and a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake. One of the Silent Hill games is allegedly being developed by Bloober Team, a studio that has already been heavily rumored to be part of the dormant horror franchise’s revival. It’s otherwise been left to speculation what the other Silent Hill activities could be and who is constituting them. However, if new information is accurate, a brand-new Silent Hill may once again involve Hideo Kojima.

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According to Gematsu, Kojima Production is developing a brand-new Silent Hill recreation and Sony is apparently funding it. No other details were offered, and Gematsu quotes an anonymous publishing root. On Twitter, video game analyst Millie Amand showed she has also listen multiple Silent Hill competitions are in the works, but Amand recently disclaimed reports that Kojima is working on one of them. At present, neither Gematsu’s, Amand’s, or the initial alleges about Silent Hill or other recreations have been acknowledged by Konami, Sony, or Kojima Productions.

Adding some fuel to the fire before the reports, though, Kojima Make slithered a sly Silent Hills citation intoDeath Stranding Director’s Cut, proving the conductor hasn’t forgotten about the game. If Gematsu is correct, that Easter egg may have been a tease of things that have yet to be announced.

There has been no shortage of rumors seeing Kojima’s return to Silent Hill over the years, but this may be the most reputable one more. Nonetheless – should the information be legitimate and the game remain uncanceled – it may be a while until anything is identified of development projects. Kojima Product is rumored to be working on a game with Xbox and, according to a observe by series wizard Norman Reedus, may even be developing Death Stranding 2. With or without Hideo Kojima, it does sound as though Silent Hill’s comeback is imminent.

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Sources: Gematsu, Millie Amand

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