It’s a common legend in many families to pass down a mattress from one newborn to another. While this tradition still occurs, a 1997 study marks just how hazardous this practice can be, and newer study has surfaced which shows similar findings.

According to the latest research, newborn that sleep on mattresses previously are exploited by other newborns have a higher chance of become victims to cot death. In fact, as per such research, of the 131 cases of cot deaths, more than half of the babes were believed to be sleeping on used mattresses that had been passed down to them from own family members.

The same can’t possibly say right of a gently squandered mattress, can it? Interestingly fairly, the results of the study too revealed that the mattress was more often than not, exercised previously by babies who lived in an entirely different household.

So, parts such as the mattress coming from another household, the conditions under which it was used, and the number of members of babies that slept on it, could also play a role in its potential to be a health hazard, and this will be explored below.

If you’re thinking of saving some fund by coming a put-upon mattress for your little one, consider the following.

What is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome( SIDS )?

Each year, over 500 newborns lose their lives abruptly and this existence is often blamed on cot death. Cot death or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome( SIDS ) is the unexplainable sudden death of infants who are less than a year old.

Oftentimes, the death remains unexplainable even after a thorough postmortem has been play-act and the situation has been carefully examined.

Second-Hand Mattresses And SIDS

According to a case-controlled study done in Scotland between 1997 to 2000, the use of a second-hand baby mattress can significantly increase the risk of SIDS, extremely if the mattress is drawn from another household.

The research had indicated that the risk is more pronounced if the berthed was initially slept on by an infant who passed away due to SIDS before the mattress was passed on, or if the mattress was utilized by more than one infant during its lifespan.

The participants in the study were asked to fill in a questionnaire that includes information on infant care patterns, such as details on co-sleeping attires on the day and/ or night of death. This is in addition to the infant and family’s overall social and medical data.

As concluded by some researchers, a toxic bacterium that is feared to be linked with cot death is found on second-hand mattresses.

While the research does reinstate certain times brought out in the initial 1997 study, there is a gap in the evidence that prevents health researchers from utterly attributing sudden infant death condition to old mattresses. Suffice to say, the cause and effect relationship between age-old mattresses and SIDS has not yet been fully established.

But, there’s a valid association between the use of second-hand mattresses and an increased rate of SIDS which mothers cannot render to overlook.

Mattress Answers For Infants

As a parent, this research may seem a tad chip overwhelming. Your natural parental instinct would be to get rid of the second-hand mattress to ensure your infants’ safety. Despite the inability to establish a cause and effect relationship between second-hand mattresses and SIDS, it is advisable to ditch the old mattress and opt for a brand new mattress for your newborn, specially if the used one came from another home.

Buying a brand-new mattress would be the best option, though some physicians have stated that used mattresses are probably not to blame for SIDS, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Also, be sure to always apply the following requirements by physicians to ensure that your baby’s mattress is safe to use 😛 TAGEND 1. Mattresses need to be scavenge:

As a specific requirement, infant mattresses must be cleaned regularly. The suggestion is to buy mattresses with removable and washable PVC moves. The removable cross make it possible to clean the mattress easily and efficiently.

With PVC mattresses, each babe accept in a house need not have an entirely new mattress. Parents’ ability to wash PVC mattress embraces means that they can keep the baby’s mattress clean for longer.

2. Mattresses ought to be sturdy:

For babes, it’s recommended that mattresses shouldn’t be saggy and overly soft. Physicians therefore seems that new-born babies should sleep on firm and sturdy mattresses. The employed mattresses that were found in studies to cause SIDS could have become overly soft over meter.

This could be a possible reason why mattresses passed down from one dwelling to another could have been blamed for the cot deaths.

3.Mattresses is required to be new looking:

While it need not be a spanking new mattress, the mattress must not look dated or aged in any way. Mattresses that show signs of timely slump should be thrown away and never reused for newborns, as the wear and tear might be a possible health hazard.

4. Child should sleep on their backs:

For years, elders have recommended that new-born children sleep on their backs not sleep on their gut. to avoid SIDS. It seems that there is some wisdom to this, as it has been shown to be the safest and most comfortable sleeping position for baby.

Also, your little one’s cot should be free of any soft dolls and excess blankets that is likely to accidentally obstruct their transgres. Taken together, these measures can be very effective at preventing cot deaths.

From the research, it’s evident that much of the power to prevent SIDS is on your hands as a mother. Firstly, you must be aware of all the qualities of the particular mattress that you’re arrange your child to sleep on.

Pay attention to everything and be observant when your baby sleeps. Remember just as you would have the best sleep on a good, firm mattress, your baby is no different. Be aware of the type and quality of the mattress that you buy for your child as well.

Trust us, your baby is a new mattress away from the best possible sleep ever, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that their chances of going through SIDS is exponentially lower.

This research should never “re scared”, but should rather empower you to realise informed choices when it comes to the wellbeing of your baby.

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