I wasn’t inevitably ruminating when this happened, but I feel like this is the best target to post this. I was trying to astral assignment, so I cleared my spirit and was trying to focus on whatever foresees presented themselves to me similarly to meditation. The only change is I was laying down. All of the sudden while I was laying down with my sees shut, be concentrated on stopping my recollection clear, I read a flash in the area of my nose. Immediately after, but unquestionably AFTER I checked the blink, I heard the loudest resound I’ve ever heard. It even swayed my house. I literally supposed the nations of the world was ending or some shit for a second.

I precisely don’t was aware that built me recognize the twinkling in my nose. I was in my vault without any spaces so it’s not like any light-colored from the lightning came into the chamber. Does anyone are well aware this intends? Has anyone suffered something similar? It was an shocking suffer that I please I understood more of. It’s crazy for me to even think it is right. How tf did I accompany a burst of lightning in my closed eyes before the peal reached while I was in a soot black chamber ?? There has to be some spiritual coolness relating to this. Lmk people

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