Bec Rawlings BKFC Background

The Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship has a huge number of upper-clas fighters signed to its listing. Bec Rawlings was the BKFC Police Gazette champion between 2018 and 2019. New rumors indicate that supporters will see Bec Rawlings returning to the BKFC last-minute this year.

The Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship has been hosting stacked contests throughout 2021. This new fight promotion now has some of the more popular female fighting boasts athletes in the world ratified to its roster. New rumors appear to indicate followers could see Bec Rawlings returning to the BKFC at some time this year.

Rawlings supported herself as the best female bare-knuckle boxer in the world during her run in the BKFC throughout 2018 and 2019. There are some exciting opponents for her if she returns to the sport.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation!

The BKFC Continues to Expand Throughout 2021

Just a few years ago, bare-knuckle boxing was demoted to the underground. It was a fringe combat sport that failed to generate any mainstream notice. Things have begun to change in recent years, due in part to the success of the Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship.

This combat athletics advertisement was launched back in 2018 by Dave Feldman. It has grown steadily since that time, signing a huge number of big-name boxers. 2021 now appears to be the biggest year in autobiography for the BKFC.

February proved to be a successful month for the advertising. It was this month that this league held its “KnuckleMania” event headlined by Paige VanZang and Britain Hart. The advertisement is set to hold a huge number of other evoking happens over the next few months.

Many former UFC whizs are now playing in the BKFC. That includes former welterweight title challenger Thiago Alves. Thiago has been concluding success in the bare-knuckle game and is now slated to fight against Ulysses Diaz for the BKFC welterweight belt this weekend!

The aforementioned Paige VanZant is perhaps the biggest name signed to the BKFC right now. She vied in her first bare-knuckle fight this past February and lost a close decision to Britain Hart. VanZant is now expected to compete against onetime UFC virtuoso Rachael Ostovich later this year.

It now appears that one of the best female bare-knuckle boxers of all time is considering making a return to the sport. Here’s what we know!

Expect to See Bec Rawlings Returning to the BKFC This Year

Back in June of 2018, Bec Rawlings captured her first nature claim in the BKFC. She was a former MMA fighter and seemed to transition seamlessly into this new fighting sport. Bec competed in the BKFC twice more and earned each of those stints handily.

After a win over Cecilia Flores in February of 2019, Rawlings announced she was walking away from the bare-knuckle fight game. She made the move back to MMA and started 1-1 over her next two contests. Most recently, “Rowdy” made a decision win over Elina Kallionidou.

It now appears we could see Bec Rawlings returning to the BKFC this year. Dave Feldman reconfirmed that he is in talks with the former champion with MMA Fighting the coming week. He claims there is a good chance she will conclude her return this summer.

“I think you’re going to[ consider Bec return ], ” Feldman said. “We’re in talks right now, we’re going to see what could happen. I know she’s under contract with Bellator, but Bellator’s been great to work with. I think there’s a highway of slipping her back in here and coming her in the mix and learning what happens. It would be great to have her back … She’s known as the queen of bare-knuckle. She’s undefeated with our party, she’s 3-0. It was like she genuinely knew her home and ascertained her neighbourhood in bare-knuckle fighting. So it would be great to get her back, and I know it’s something we’re working on. I think it’s something that you’re going to see by the end of the summer.”

Many combat sports fans would be excited to see Rawlings make a return to the bare-knuckle boxing competition. She dominated during her time in the BKFC. There are some great options for her to face including Paige VanZant, Rachael Ostovich, and Britain Hart.

Nothing has been made official yet. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on Rawlings maybe seeing her return to the BKFC over the next few weeks.

BKFC 18 Takes Place on June 26!

This Saturday night, the Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship is set to return with one of its best posters of 2021. The main event is set to take place between Joey Beltran and Sam Shewmaker for the heavyweight title. This is just one of the incredible contests taking place during this event.

The co-main event will take place between former UFC stellars Hector Lombard and Joe Riggs for the cruiserweight designation. Lombard is a serious knockout master and seems to be finding a home in the BKFC. Riggs is a fellow veteran and has the experience to earn the earn in this matchup.

Perhaps the most-talked-about fight on this poster is the aforementioned one between Thiago Alves and Ulysses Diaz. Alves is a onetime designation challenger in the UFC and one of the most technical soldiers in the BKFC. Diaz is becoming a star and recently deserved the most wonderful knockout in BKFC history.

Sites like BetOnline have yet to begin render odds on this incredible event. That is likely to change as it chooses closer, though. Many will soon have the ability to flock to this site to bet on all of the incredible matchups taking place.

July is also shaping up to be a great month for the BKFC. It’s this month that Paige VanZant will take part in her second fight with the advertisement! A win could end up mounting her up for a mega-clash with Bec Rawlings last-minute this year.

Are you interesting in reading Bec Rawlings returning to the BKFC? How do you think she would fare against PVZ? Let us know in the comments part below.

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