Rick and Morty exactly purposed Season 5 on Adult Swim with a bash, by extradite an incident of unadulterated Rick and Morty canon. Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 9 generated followers Evil Morty, and finally the Evil Morty Plan, The Rick and Morty Citadel, and a good look at what the larger Rick and Morty multiverse is doing. Of trend, the end of Rick and Morty Season 5 showed us an Evil Morty title off to a brand-new unknown location and we’ve got a theory where we will see the scourge edition of Morty Smith pop up again. So if you like yourself a good Rick and Morty recap or even some Rick and Morty Easter Eggs, then make sure to join us for Canon Fodder on IGN for the full deterioration and all the Easter Eggs we could find in the Rick and Morty finale.

The Rick and Morty Season 5 trailer did NOT ready us for this finale. It never showed us Rick and Morty Anime or a single Rick and Morty Easter Egg from Dan Harmon or Justin Roiland. Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 9 shows us an Adult Morty( kind of) plus it breaks down Evil Morty proposal, one of the most evil contrives ever put on film. Theory Rick and Morty videos like this one try and figure out where and Evil Morty will return to give Rick the business again. Rick Sanchez has encountered his parallel in Morty Smith from a different universe.

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