'Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness' trailer puts zombies in the White House

You’d think a horror right as favourite and long-running as Capcom’s Resident Evil would already have a television series, yet somehow this isn’t the suit. Fortunately, Neflix is looking to rectify this big omission, starting with upcoming anime Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

In the original enlivened serials, Raccoon City’s unluckiest cop Leon S. Kennedy( Nick Apostolides) is summoned to the White House to investigate a hacking occurrence. Of route, because this is Resident Evil and he is Leon S. Kennedy, this jaunt soon devolves into a battle against a legion of zombies.

He eventually intersects paths with Claire Redfield( Stephanie Panisello ), who is undertaking her own investigation into a secret experiment conducted during the Penamstan civil war — one that presumably has something to do with the zombies operating about. Read more …

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