RattanIndia Enterprises, which recently made a foray into the fintech business, seems to have tie-ups with all the banks by the end of the next financial year. The fintech scaffold of the company, BankSe, has an arrangement with 21 banks and business firms to offer loan products, at present.

” Plan help cover all the banks by the end of next financial year. So we will have all the banks present their concoctions on the programme ,” RattanIndia Enterprises chairperson Rajiv Rattan told PTI.

The two-wheeler and personal credits get approved in about two minutes, he said, more concoctions would be onboarded going forward because the idea is to make it a full market place for all business commodities. Besides, he said, the scaffold provides an opportunity to compare the best offer to customers.

” This is something where our fund is not at risk and recognition value check and giving to be done by the financial institution. Lending is to be undertaken by banks or financial institutions as per the RBI guidelines ,” he said.

Customers can have the appliance of entering onto the app or website and uploading requisite documentation digitally to experience outcomes in real, quick time. As an additional feature any client exploiting BankSe will be able to get a personalized credit score, entirely free of cost. BankSe, an all-digital, financial aggregator platform can be accessed through android mobile network portal.

It has developed a scaffold which connects with the characterized procedure of the lenders, thereby offering them instant visibility of customer’s background and their historic business records. He also said that wrap coverage with the loan produce would be made available.

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