My dreams thus far on the Porter Robinson singles secreted from Nurture have been” good , not great .” As so many, the shadow of Worlds was too powerfully lurking the back of my thinker. A mixture of nostalgia and such intense homage for the book since 2014, coupled with the many live demo I’ve seen of it and the recalls therein have applied it upon a pedestal that is nigh untouchable. But I have learned over years and years of reviewing recordings that research projects is often higher than resources in the amount of its parts.

It was known, ahead of the album’s release, that this was not going to be Worlds Pt 2. If anything, after listening the full road, it is the antithesis to Worlds. Bright, textured, synthetic aftermaths are replaced with lush, elegant, psychological organic clangs and experimental flows that present a much different feel to Porter’s debut book. And why shouldn’t it when he is a different person now than he was then?

In an interview with Billboard, he talked about how the time after Worlds was one of his most unhealthy. Pres he put one across himself, influence followers turn in him, and his brother’s cancer diagnosis all culminated in a wildly untimely fashion( a cancer diagnosis is never timely ), even though it is did lead him to produce his first and only EP as Virtual Self.

This, in the end, opened him up to creating Nurture in a more organic route. Though, it wasn’t the only catalyst — you can predicted more on that in his interview with Billboard.

The album exhausted last nighttime at 9pm western season, and I began my listen at approximately 10 pm. Over the course of the recording, my initial impres of” good , not enormous” was transformed. I read so much of followers’ thoughts of the book leading up to my first listen, but reserved my own intuitions until I finished. What I came away with was treaty — it wasn’t the is of the view that I had listened to the best album of its first year, it wasn’t analogies to past fabric, it wasn’t any real criticism at all, really.

What I will walk away from this album with is a feeling of contentedness. That, in the face of overwhelming adversity and impossible adversity, this album will always be here to help lift me up. Nurture is a enjoyed song to hope and the belief that things get better.

Listen below.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Porter Robinson Achieves Grandeur And Grace On Sophomore Album, “Nurture”

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