Prior to 2020, if “youve heard” the period “lockdown” you might think of something that happens in a confinement — not in a free civilization. This mechanism of sovereignty has since become commonplace — not among captives but amongst the free — with repercussions that are only beginning to be understood.

The film Planet Lockdown explores this unprecedented time in history, speaks with epidemiologists, scientists, doctors and other experts to unveil the real purposes behind the increasing totalitarian control taking over the globe. Already banned by Facebook and YouTube, 1 the film starts at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were told lockdowns were necessary to “flatten the curve.”

This was supposed to be a short-term, 15 -day event in the U.S ., but the narrative soon changed to ongoing restrictions. As Michael Yeadon, Ph.D ., a former vice-president and director technical adviser of the treat firm Pfizer and benefactor and CEO of the biotech corporation Ziarco , now owned by Novartis, asked, people have historically quarantined the sick, but quarantining health parties, as has appeared for the past two years, “havent been” scientific endorse or historic precedence. 2

“Given this virus represents, at most, a slightly bigger jeopardy to the old and ill than seasonal influenza, and a less hazard, a smaller risk, to almost everyone else who’s younger and fit, ” Yeadon says, “it was never necessary for us to have done anything. We didn’t need to do anything — lockdowns, cover-ups, testing, inoculations even.”3

Questionable Rehearsal Urged for COVID-1 9 Diagnosis

Dr. Scott Jensen, a family doctor and former member of the Minnesota Senate, received an email from the Department of Health that seemed to be coaching him to use COVID-1 9 as a diagnosis in situations where he wouldn’t have previously used influenza or any other specific viral diagnosis without first testing for it. He said: 4

“What struck me straight off was I felt like I was being instructed to go ahead and use COVID-1 9 without working the same standards of precision that I would for interesting thing. If I’m going to make a diagnosis, I repute as a doctor I have an obligation to use the tools available to me to nail it down with as much certainty as possible.

And it seemed to me that the Department of Health, and the link to this CDC document that said you could diagnose COVID-1 9 as a cause of death on a extinction certification … those two documents, in tandem, travelled against everything that I had been taught or doing for the last 35 years.”

Even Dr. Ngozi Ezike, lead of the Illinois Department of Health, is featured in the film stating that even if you died of a clear alternate cause, if you had COVID-1 9 at the same time, it would still be rostered as a COVID death. “Everyone who is listed as a COVID death, doesn’t mean that was the cause of the death, ” she says. 5

In January 2020, the PCR test for COVID-1 9 came out, which stood health officials to define COVID-1 9 “cases.” If the test was positive, it counted as a suit — it didn’t matter if “youve had” symptoms or not. Reiner Fuellmich, world scam advocate, founder of the Corona Investigative Committee, pointed out, “It’s never, in the history of mankind, in the history of medicine, there’s never been testing of healthy people.”6

Yeadon agrees that mass testing of people with no manifestations has no technical basis. Instead, he says, “It’s time a style to frighten people.”7 The rising “cases, ” based on PCR testing, is what constructed the crisis. But weighing specimen was exclusively evaluating the activity of testing; the more that testing passed, the more cases that were found.

‘Fear Everyone’ Became the Message

June 8, 2020, WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced that asymptomatic people could channel COVID-1 9. That very same day, Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO technological lead-in for the COVID-1 9 pandemic, made it quite clear that people who have COVID-1 9 without any evidences “rarely” transmit the disease to others. In a drastic about-face, WHO then backtracked on the statement just one day last-minute. 8P TAGEND

In the days that followed, media and health officials ramped up fear by claiming that you could be sickened by virtually anyone, even when they appeared to be health. “This idea that … you can be ill even though you have no indications and you can be a … virus menace to someone else even though you have no symptoms, that’s also invented in 2020, ” Yeadon says. 9

Alexandra Henrion-Caude, geneticist, onetime director of research with the French National Institute of Health, is among those who have noticed something off from the beginning. “I was very baffled since the very beginnings … I was alert to the fact that what we were living was not quite right.”1 0

She notes that the notion of asymptomatic spread is startling because it turns virtually anyone you encounter or encounter on the street into the enemy, because they could be exposing you to SARS-CoV-2. “This is actually atrocious because it denies these capabilities of a person to be a healthful person. Because if asymptomatic[ spread] exists, then who is healthy? No one.”

What’s more, the “proof” of asymptomatic spread is flawed and sham. The New England Journal of Medicine published an section hinting the transmission of COVID-1 9 is possible from an asymptomatic carrier in January 2020.11

It was based on a 33 -year-old businessman who had met with his business partner from Shanghai, then developed a delirium and fertile cough. The next night, he felt better and went back to work January 27.

The columnists reported project partners had been “well with no indicates or evidences of infection, but had become ill on her flight back to China, where she tested positive for 2019 -nCoV on January 26. ” From these studies, they theorized the virus could be transmitted from asymptomatic carriers. An important target was left out, which is that the researchers did not speak with the partner from Shanghai before publication.

However, Germany’s public health agency, the Robert Koch Institute( RKI ), did speak with the woman on the phone, and she reported she did have evidences while in Germany. 12 So she was not asymptomatic after all.

In a State of Incoherence, People Crave Normalcy

The pandemic has twisted actuality, leaving the public in a mental gloom. “You’re regularly promising observance to things which are not logical, ” Catherine Austin-Fitts, deputy secretary, Bush Sr. administration and financing consultant with Solari, Inc ., says. 13 WHO has changed definitions of herd immunity and pandemic, literally varying actuality, and this is just one example.

Censorship and expeditions to discount those who speak out against the narrative are additional control mechanisms that contort the truth. Bishop Schneider of Kazakhstan says the pandemic measures are very similar to Soviet occasions where he lived, in that there was only one narrative, and if you said there was another meaning, “youre gonna” showed an enemy.

“When you had another opinion, “theyre saying”, ‘You are a conspiracy group. You have a conspiracy theory. You have hate communication. This showing, hate pronunciation, come back here the communists.”1 4 It’s psychological manipulation, based on fear, which makes people act totally insane. The artificially foisted regime of incoherence was even described by Austin-Fitts as a torture tactic, designed to get beings to submit to vaccine passports and COVID-1 9 shots: 15

“Human beings implore unity. And so if you can framed them in a state of incoherence they will literally do anything they can to get back to coherence. It’s a usual torture tactic. ‘If you merely do what I demand, I will allow you to go back to a regime of coherence.’ So, if you only accept the[ inoculation] passports, you’ll be free. Or if you get the vaccination, you’ll merely be free.”

Further, by declaring small and medium-sized companies as “nonessential” during lockdowns, they get been closed down, while Amazon, Walmart and other large-hearted container places can take over their the shares. A major move of capital passed away from small-minded family-owned businesses to very large, publicly available industries that obtained from the digital economy. In the meantime, Austin-Fitts clarifies: 16

“The beings on Main St. have to keep paying off their credit cards or their mortgage, so they’re in a obligation bait and they’re desperate to get cashflow to cover their indebtedness and expenses.

In the meantime, “youve had” the Federal Reserve institute a flesh of quantitative easing where they’re buying corporate ligaments, and the chaps who are taking up the market share can basically finance — or their banks can — at 0% to 1 %, where everybody on Main St. is paying 16% to 17% to their credit cards, without income.

So mostly now you’ve got them over a barrel and you can take away their the shares, and generally they can’t afford to do what they say because they’re too busy trying to find money to feed their kids.”

New Control Systems Are Being Engineered

If a few people want to control countless, how can you get the sheep into the slaughterhouse without them recognise and withstanding? “The perfect thing, ” Austin-Fitts says, is invisible opponents, like viruses. 17 This ramps up fear so the public trusts they need the government to protect them. Another effective tactic is “divide and defeat, ” and the media frisks an important role in this, subdividing people over shots and concealments, for instance.

“What COVID-1 9 is, ” Austin-Fitts illustrates, “is the institution of ascendancies necessary to convert the planet from the democratic process to technocracy. So what we’re watching is a change in control and an engineering of new control systems. So think of this as a takeover d’etat. It’s much more like a takeover d’etat than a virus.”1 8P TAGEND

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a former public health official and member of German parliament, agrees, stating that pandemic responses have “nothing to do with hygiene. It has to do with criminology.”1 9 The world-wide dose campaign is another form of control, one that’s forcing the public to receive experimental shots.

Many of the experts in the film bring up the Nuremberg Code, which spells out a prepare of research moralities principles for human experimentation. This set of principles was developed to ensure the medical horrors discovered during the Nuremberg trials at the end of World War II would never take place again.

But in the current climate of extreme censorship, parties are not being informed about the full threats of the shots — which are only beginning to be showed. People are being forced into the shots due to mandates and loss of jobs and personal freedoms, like the ability to travel freely and attend business and social events.

In the Culminate, Truth Will Win

A revolution is occurring, and the experts are hopeful that beings will awaken to common sense and stand the totalitarian control that is threatening to take over the globe. Instead, culture is likely to be regenerated if parties come together and fight back against the encroachment on our liberties.

Civil disobedience, boycotting customs that are requiring inoculation passports, is involved in mobilizes and fighting illegal authorizations in courtroom are styles that everyone can get involved in protecting discretion. “If they want to establish us a machine, if they want to stimulate us slaves, we say no, ” Wodarg says. ” … We don’t is also necessary to anymore, we are many … we don’t have to be afraid of any pandemic.”2 0

About the Director

james patrick

I believe in bringing quality to my readers, which is why I wanted to share some information about the filmmaker, James Patrick, from “Planet Lockdown.” Here is a little more about him and what went in to making this film. Thank you James for sharing with us.

What was your revelation for making this film?

I was in Spain when the lockdowns started, studying a PHD in fiscals. I escaped to southern France and a few weeks last-minute back to the states. I immediately read the lockdowns as an financial takedown of the middle class rather than a virus mitigation strategy.

I looked into the academic reference of lockdown as a strategy and they were only mentioned twice and strongly recommended against as the damages would be worse than any benefit.

As an predecessor of Patrick Henry and passionate suitor of human liberty, I was so upset by the lockdowns and what they symbolized for our future, I needed to do something about it. Within a few months I started on making a documentary film. The place developed so fast I began putting the full interviews out and it became an interview series as well.

I was able to get the best and brightest professionals in the world to sit down and tell me their story. It is a high level, intimate look at what happened these last-place two years, from 2 weeks of lockdown to flatten the veer to Lockouts for the unvaccinated.

What do you hope beings take away from the cinema?

The film takes the viewer on a journeying through the whole COVID saga. The movie and the full interviews sorts an educational body of work that helps the public understand what is going on, how we got here, “wheres” we and where this is headed if we don’t put a stop to this. Enough damage has been done. We have to make sure this never happens again or a lot worse things will happen.

Where do the advances to your film rise?

Proceeds to the project go to cover the expenses of the film and ongoing interview series. These include hasten, equipment, and fee for cameramen, announce, revises, audio technicians and entanglement hosting expenditures. We have done this project on a shoestring budget and subscriptions are critical to keeping this high quality content coming to earn the public about “whats happening” and what is to come.

No other cinema project is addressing the situation from an international perspective, which is required to have a full understanding of what is happening. This is a global operation. We work with peers in UK, EU and Africa to capture the situation. We are doing this project as a public service and it isn’t free. To time it has been conducted in accordance with people contributing their period unpaid, myself especially, so gives is to cover these out of pocket expenses incurred.

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