Sci-fi preconceptions are challenged by little-known marvels from James Tiptree Jr, Angelica Gorodischer and others

The border between science fiction and mainstream literature is more permeable than booksellers or publishers would have us envisage. Double Booker prize-winner Margaret Atwood’s recent novels are SF-themed( though she elevates “speculative fiction” ), as is Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro’s best-known novel Never Let Me Go.

Penguin Classics has propelled a new science fiction serials to further this cross-pollination, apparently lamented for the general reader to broaden their personal canon. Some of the claims are well established- Edwin A Abbott’s numerical myth Flatland, Kurt Vonnegut’s satire Cat’s Cradle- but others are newer, at least in the UK, and less likely to come loaded with preconceptions.

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