Patton Oswalt has expressed that he would really like Marvel to make a movie or display with the characters of Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. With all of the new MCU TV establishes and movies being announced post-pandemic, they are among a host of Marvel owneds that are not currently in use. Plus, the two people once have a leg up on many other attributes due to their recent live-action interpretings.

Both Misty Knight and Colleen Wing debuted in Netflix’s former area of the Marvel universe, with Knight( played by Simone Missick) in Luke Cage and Wing( portrayed by Jessica Henwick) in Iron Fist. Undoubtedly, the two were fan-favorites, with Wing in particular carrying much of the sequence when it came to action and martial art. They too had a fun dynamic that has been set up when their two sequences crossed over back in 2018( though to be fair, it might have just been the chemistry between Missick and Henwick ).

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Now, Oswalt has been tweeting that Marvel should make a Misty Knight and Colleen Wing movie or even a Tv indicate of their own. Having appeared in multiple Marvel projects including ABC’s Agents of SHIELD and Hulu’s MODOK, Oswalt is hoping his request might have some sway with those in charge at Marvel Studios. He also helps ensure that fans would give their buoy if it were to ever happen. Check out his tweet below 😛 TAGEND

Oswalt is not wrong, as there is already a lot of support behind his plea. Devotee have been sharing their warmth in specific comments, with countless supporting the idea of wreaking back the characters and the actresses from the Netflix series. Of direction, at this extent, whether or not the aged Netflix MCU series are canon might be something that the creatives have to consider.

Oswalt is also not wrong in that Marvel does have some solid references primed for brand-new assignments, specially the ones that were vacated when the Netflix deal closed. The problem may possibly be that Marvel has so many brand-new TV establishes and movies scheduled for the immediate future that it would be difficult to squeeze in a brand-new one that has not already been planned for. However, one never knows who Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, and the rest are paying attention to, as they have been known to indulge in some fan-service in the past. Here’s to hoping this idea gets some traction.

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