“Teenage Bounty Hunters” has one of the most memorable — if not entirely appealing — claims of any new evidence on Netflix.

As we explain on the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, the series tells the story of Sterling( frisked Maddie Phillips) and Blair Wesley( Anjelica Bette Fellini ), dizygotic twin who end up working for bounty hunter/ yogurt store proprietor Bowser( Kadeem Hardison) in order to be allowed to shape some extra cash.

While the bounty hunting provided with initial fasten for the substantiate, the writers mainly use it as a comic counterpoint as they explore different cultures of an affluent, evangelical corner of Atlanta, and then as Sterling and Blair’s rapports become increasingly complicated. The plotting in “Teenage Bounty Hunters” can occasionally feel a bit aimless, but in the end, we ended up feeling amazed and — despite the show’s silly list — surprisingly invested in the characters.

In addition to providing “Teenage Bounty Hunters,” we also discuss the news that Netflix is making a series based on Cixin Liu’s” Three-Body Problem” novels.

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