Send it to the internet! It’s time for the eventual Cobra Kai quiz. Think you’re a true-blue follower? Take the official Netflix test and find out.

0:00 – Cobra Kai Quiz
0:14 – Finish The Cobra Kai Creed: Strike First, Strike Hard…
0:33 – What is Johnny Lawrence’s favourite brand of beer?
0:56 – What procedure does Chozen teach Daniel in Okinawa?
1:17 – What does Miguel win for Samantha on their first year?
1:48 – What skill does Johnny teach his students in Season 4?
2:12 – According to his date profile, What Film franchise is Johnny a fan of?
2:32 – What does Hawk steal from the Miyagi DO Dojo?
2:58 – What movie do the characters watch at the drive-in cinema?
3:23 – What nickname does Hawk give to Miguel after acquiring the tournament?
3:46 – Which 80 s Icon does Tory dress as at the Roller Disco?
4:11 – What Name Does Bert Originally hint for Eagle Fang Karate?
4:30 – Until Louie Larusso Destroys It?
5:04 – What is the name of the Poor Mouse Kreese Feeds to his Pet Snake?
5:27 – What clothing does Demetri wear to the school dance?
5:45 – What slogan does the high-pitched School introduce after the season two combat?

Cobra Kai Season 4 is now streaming.
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