So, the untitled Age of Heroes Game of Thrones prequel is dead, as the transactions reported Tuesday afternoon; the captain wasn’t picked up for a series at HBO.

In the figure of publicity it may seem like it’s time to panic about the future of Thrones, but everything is actually fine. Even though this prequel didn’t work out, there are rumors of another in very early development at HBO — and going on what we know about the two prequels, the one that might yet be put forward concludes more sense for the future of the franchise.

From what we know about the Age of Heroes, Jane Goldman’s now-canceled series would have focused on reputations who lives 10,000 years before the events of Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin’s canon encyclopedia/ friend record The World of Ice and Fire doesn’t say much about the said period( its happens were poorly documented in-universe ), but there is enough to know that Westeros in the Age of Heroes was basically unrecognizable compared to the world of Thrones. Read more …

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