51A O’Connell St, North Melbourne, is for sale.

A luscious store transition at the former Allen’s Sweets factory in North Melbourne has hit the market.

But the townhouse, which also comes with a mural by an internationally-renowned artist, will cost you a little more than a handbag of Minties

The quirky 51A O’Connell Stabode was scheduled last week for $1.695 m.

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Exposed radiations peculiarity throughout the inside of the home.

The kitchen cabinets are covered in quirky artwork.

A loft-style bedroom.

It peculiarities high ceilings, disclosed lights and bricks and a colourful kitchen, plus a rooftop terrace with city views and a mural painted by well-known artist Rone.

The artwork was commissioned by the property’s former owner, an inventor, who settled her own imaginative flare on the home.

Jellis Craig Fitzroy partner Charles Atkins said the warehouse oozed “character”.

“It’s very cool; it’s got wonderful aesthetics — the lights and disclosed bricks and the beautiful openings and rooftop with the mural. It’s reasonably splendid, ” he said.

Mr Atkins said the two-storey space was “very versatile” and represented the most wonderful of inner city living.

“There’s no doubt some of the best performing real estate in the inner city is these warehouses with a fine history and courage, ” Mr Atkins said.

“And the fact that it’s got the old publish on the side of it resonates with beings. We’re not seeing this replicated, they’re not improving any more( like this ). ”

The retractable bathroom wall that opens into the living space was also a cool feature, Mr Atkins said.

The bathroom has a retractable wall.

The comfortable prime bedroom.

The rooftop has metropolitan views and a mural by creator Rone.

The distinctively determined building.

He lent it was “perfect for operating from home, demonstrated it does have mixed tiers whereby you can comfortably set up a home office”.

Mr Atkins said the vendors were based in Western Australia and were selling after not being able to visit regularly for the past two years.

He said he had already received interest from interested local customers and creative firms considers the infinite for an office.

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