The next Star Wars movie, which will be directed by Patty Jenkins, will premiere in 2023. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in 2012, they immediately went to work on producing a new slate of Star Wars films, liberating the three installments of the sequel trilogy and two spinoff movies between 2015 -2 019. That was a much faster pace than sees were acquainted to with Star Wars, and even Disney admits they raced out material too quickly. As a arise, the dealership is taking a break from the big screen, following last December’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Given how secretive Lucasfilm controls, there have been many questions about the future of Star Wars movies. At many objects in the last few years, everyone from Rian Johnson to Kevin Feige have been attached to programmes, but most of the studio’s strategy were being kept under lock and key. The most audiences known about the next Star Wars movie is that it’s planned in order to thumped theaters in 2023. But now, viewers know what it will be about and who’s calling the shots.

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At Disney’s Investor Day, it was announced Jenkins will direct a movie called Rogue Squadron, which opens in theaters in 2023. To observe the news, Jenkins shared a video on Twitter, discussing her revelation for the project. Watch it in the space below 😛 TAGEND

This is a major development for a few reasonableness. Not exclusively is it concrete detailed information about the next Star Wars move, Jenkins becomes the first maiden to address a feature film in the dealership. Over the past handful of years, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has said frequently she wanted a woman to guide a Star Wars movie, but good-for-nothing came to fruition on that front until now. The studio was criticized for its lack of diversity behind the camera, as the first 5 Disney Star Wars films were all directed by white adults. It’s important to note Bryce Dallas Howard and Deborah Chow have helmed The Mandalorian episodes( and Chow is working on the Obi-Wan show ), but this is still an important step forward for Lucasfilm.

Jenkins, of course, is best known for her work on the DC Extended Universe’s Wonder Woman movies, with Wonder Woman 1984 currently paying rave refreshes ahead of its debut on Christmas Day. She speaks as a strong choice to make a Star Wars movie, as she’s supported a strong balance between spectacle and reputation in her other tentpoles. Additionally, it is just like Rogue Squadron has a hold backstory, as Jenkins is using it to pay tribute to her father-god, who was a fighter pilot. That intends Rogue Squadron could have a personal signature that helps it resonate with gatherings and ensures Star Wars has a jubilant return to the big screen.

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