In a tedious interview about the future of Kingdom Hearts – and to celebrate Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind’s release – the Japanese Twitter account for the streak revealed that a new Kingdom Hearts game will be coming “surprisingly soon, ” although he failed to disclose any context about exactly when “soon” would be. Kingdom Hearts is in the midst of a major DLC release with Re Mind, which is set to climb around the narrative that was established during Kingdom Hearts 3 but ultimately dive much more passionately into Kairi’s rescue and the DLC’s discontinuing will connect with the ending of the central tournament.

Of course, Kingdom Hearts is a lot more than the primary trilogy of games that have been liberated over roughly two decades. Kingdom Hearts is also far-famed for residence an incredible number of spin-off claims across several different stages, research results of which has been one of the most convoluted narrations in gaming autobiography – alongside a fan locate that covers millions of consumers who play on different consoles and machines. Kingdom Hearts 3 managed to tie up a lot of the narrative in amazingly efficient manner, but the DLC is meant to elaborate on Sora, Riku, and Kairi’s story even more before the sequence alterations its focus to a new tale.

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That new anecdote may begin sooner rather than later, extremely. Harmonizing to the account( and changed by Twitter user _KH_ENGLISH ), a new Kingdom Hearts game will be coming “surprisingly soon.” The refute was delivered when the team was induced with a few questions about future Kingdom Hearts programmes, and they been told that the Kingdom Hearts UX team will have an announcement tomorrow. The report also made the shocking announcement that on top of the Kingdom Hearts UX and Kingdom Hearts 3 units, there are actually two brand-new squads in operation, and one of them has a title that will be on the way soon.

A brand-new Kingdom Hearts recreation could genuinely want anything when taken in the context of how the succession has been explored thus far. Spin-offs have been completely adjacent to the main story, prequels, or back story for major people, and it’s unlikely there’s anything related to a Kingdom Hearts 4 coming anytime soon. It seems a safe bet to assume that the new Kingdom Hearts activity will be another spin-off title, perhaps one that will begin to establish brand-new personas in anticipation of them inheriting the mainline games’ top billing. Of track, this is Kingdom Hearts – a series that peculiarities Donald Duck as a court wizard who slays heartless demons alongside anime-style teenagers – so truthfully, anything is possible.

For now, though, it seems Kingdom Hearts fans won’t have to wait long to discover what the future of the sequence will look like. On top of Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind, fans will soon find out what a brand-new Kingdom Hearts tournament is like – and what programmes it will be posted on, a key component that has historically been difficult to predict.

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The next Kingdom Hearts activity has yet to be announced.

Source: _KH_ENGLISH/ Twitter

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