Just a few months after the full-sized GTS 2 propelled, Amazfit compiled it much less expensive with( largely) the same features.

What you need to know

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is available now for $99.99. It has a 1.55 ” AMOLED screen, SpO2 and heart rate measurement, built-in GPS and Alexa voice commands, 5 ATM water resistance, and sleep moving. Liken to the GTS 2, it has a smaller display and shorter battery life, but too some brand-new software additions like a Pomodoro calendar and phone camera insures.

In my Amazfit GTS 2 recall, I had plenty of positives to say about the watch, but personally promoted the GTR 2 for its larger AMOLED display during my movements. That hasn’t reformed, but many people favor a smaller and lighter watch, either because it weighs less or for the daintier regard. For that gathering, Amazfit’s newest watch may be an even better( Amaz) fit.

The GTS 2 Mini lives up to its identify. Ignoring its smaller size, it has the same sensors for heart rate and blood oxygen saturation monitoring as the GTS 2, while also tracking your stress and sleep structures if you’re interested. It has built-in GPS tracking, and lets you twist your wrist to use voice bids — supposedly with Alexa built-in as well, though we’re unclear when this will be added via OTA update.

In expressions of the main differences from the Amazfit GTS 2 versus the GTS 2 Mini, “the worlds largest” striking reform is the price, throwing down from $180 to $100. In exchange for the expenditure plunge, the AMOLED screen size drops from 1.66 ” to 1.55 “, and the artillery length was reduced from 246 mAh to 220 mAh. The GTS 2 has a 7-day thought battery life with everyday application, so you can expect to shave a day or more off that approximate with the Mini. We also be pointed out that the Mini product page doesn’t mention music storage — which the GTS 2 has — but that doesn’t necessarily aim the boast was removed.

Amazfit does mention some new GTS 2 Mini pieces that its predecessor scarcities. It reinforces a Pomodoro clock for improving time management, and also lets users move their period cycles. It too reportedly has a brand-new “curved 2.5 D glass” display that’s meant to create a “borderless” appearance. It’s hard to see the difference from produce personas, though, so we’d have to see it in person to compare.

Time will tell whether this watch determines our best Amazfit smartwatch list. You’ll find good fitness ensembles in this price range, but rarely a smartwatch with built-in GPS and such a high-quality presentation. The only major downside to this model is the reduced battery life from the full-size GTS 2, but it’ll still last-place you several days longer than many smartwatches who are in need of daily charging.

Frugal fitness

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

$100 at Amazon

Get the same GTS 2 tech for $80 less

Amazfit followed up on the honorable GTS 2 with a slightly smaller version that may have a smaller battery and display, but preserves all of the useful fitness and health tracking that you could want.

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