On Friday, NBC White House reporter Peter Alexander requested President Biden a softball question. “On COVID misinformation, what’s your content to stages like Facebook? ” Biden returned a wild-eyed answer: “They’re killing people.” The president proposed Facebook’s a piling of murderers, and on Friday night, the pro-Biden networks simply blandly extended it along. Facebook had a statement denying they only assassins, but there was zero political rebuttal or fact-checking.

Naturally, NBC was the most expansive. Reporter Gabe Gutierrez did note “Late today, Facebook shot back, saying it will not be distracted by accusations which aren’t supported by the facts.” The social-media sites offered statistics on how much COVID “misinformation” they removed — which probably includes anything on the theory that the virus revealed from a lab in Wuhan, China.

NBC shed in a excerpt of Tucker Carlson on Fox before Biden’s talk of murderers. NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny claimed “Good information is slow to come out, and bad information is really, really fast.”

On the CBS Evening News, reporter Lucia Liliano legislated along: “New instances are rising in all 50 districts for the first time since January, including the president accuses social media business of killing people for countenancing vaccine delusions to circulate online.” Then, a brief rebuttal: “But Facebook is propagandizing back, saying they’re saving lives by doing everything they can to combat COVID misinformation. Officials are cautioning the pandemic has reached a very dangerous state.”

Fact checkers? On Friday’s ‘CBS Evening News, ‘ they just delivered along President Biden’s say that Facebook is “KILLING people.” Facebook problem a statement denying they kill people … pic.twitter.com/ RdZR5aGu 9r — Tim Graham (@ TimJGraham) July 17, 2021

On the PBS NewsHour, linchpin Judy Woodruff announced: “One of the reasons for obstinately low-spirited vaccination paces is misinformation — unfounded, or outright false information that may dissuade some people from get a shot. The White House has been particularly focused on this, and the role played by social media in allowing false information to spread. On his road to Camp David today, President Biden laid indisputable blame on Facebook.”

Woodruff also read a rebuttal from Facebook.

Like CBS and NBC, the PBS NewsHour calmly aired President Biden christen Facebook a battalion of killers, together with a appease see of Facebook’s rebuttal. None of these networks offered a Republican criticism or an “independent fact check.” He’s just allowed to blame everyone else. pic.twitter.com/ 601 CxbLnEn — Tim Graham (@ TimJGraham) July 17, 2021

Despite producing the picture with various coronavirus segments, ABC’s World News Tonight somehow never mentioned Biden’s mentions, like they were the only ones who found it mortifying.

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