The Knight Before Christmas is Netflix’s latest festivity movie, but what can spectators expect from a sequel? No celebration is complete without gala glowings, home-baked goods, and a little time travel, and Netflix devotes publics all this and more in The Knight Before Christmas. The festive rom-com performs Vanessa Hudgens as a discipline coach specified Brooke, who autumns for Sir Cole( Josh Whitehouse ), a prehistoric cavalier magically transported from 1334 to 2019 to fulfill a quest in hopes of finding his “truest love.”

Released on November 21, The Knight Before Christmas has garnered solid revaluations from commentators, and is a charming( if cheesy) dreamy humor that becomes for easy stream viewing over the Christmas period, which is exactly as Netflix would want it to be.

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Netflix has gained a stature for its Christmas releases in recent years, with the success of A Christmas Prince in 2017 conveying the big marketability these franchises present. Netflix sprang into action by turning A Christmas Prince into a trilogy, with the latest installment slated to air on December 5th, and it’s entirely possible that they’ll be looking to do something similar with The Knight Before Christmas.

Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation seeing a sequel for The Knight Before Christmas, there’s a strong possibility considering how Vanessa Hudgens is swiftly becoming Netflix’s go-to girl for home festivity movies. Josh Whitehouse may also likely return to reprise his character as the dash Sir Cole. The Knight Before Christmas superintendent Monika Mitchell told Glamour that The Knight Before Christmas 2 could happen based on how the original movie ended.

Netflix has a fairly speedy turnaround when it is necessary to its Christmas sequels. The Christmas Prince was released in November 2017, and its sequel followed a year later, with the third movie in the trilogy arriving soon as well. Another of their Christmas movies, The Princess Switch, published in november 2018, and is getting a sequel in 2020. Depending on when Netflix green-lights The Knight Before Christmas 2, it’s probable it could be done in time for next year, but with Hudgens hectic once they might wait until the jubilant season in 2021 instead.

Director Mitchell has razzed supporters with the possibility of a second movie peculiarity Cole’s brother Sir Geoffery( Harry Jarvis ). Based on the director’s mentions, if The Knight Before Christmas 2 were to happen, then Brooke and Sir Cole may not be the main focus this time around.

The end-credits scene clues at Geoffrey having an adventure of his own when the aged crone( Ella Kenion) comings him and asks for his help, launching a gleam medallion just as she did with his brother at the beginning of the movie. There’s an open athletic field for originality, and the sequel could go in several tendencies. With hour proceed, the possibilities are endless, and many locking schemes could be built around the story notion. There’s likewise the question of why the aged crone’s medallion was a different color when she exposed it to Sir Geoffrey. That’s something to be explored if and when The Knight Before Christmas 2 is officially confirmed.

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