Netflix, the streaming service is now acquiring its path into the channels stream. The company has introduced a new direct called ‘Netflix Direct’ that will stream evidences and movies available on the streaming pulpit, in a linear format, similar to how DTH providers do.

The news was brought to light by ‘Variety’. The canal was reeled out in some parts of France on 5th November which will be expanded to more fellowships in the coming months as per Netflix.

‘However, the direct will only be accessible via the service’s web browser, unlike its streaming service, which is found on set-top boxes thanks to distribution deals with French telco groups such as Orange, Canal Plus and SFR’, the publication reported.

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Stating the reason for the launching of the brand-new channel, Netflix said, “Maybe you’re not in the mood to decide, or you’re brand-new and detecting your space around, or you merely want to be surprised by something new and different”. It preferred France for the launching of Netflix Direct as traditional Tv is “hugely popular” in the country, and parties “just miss a’ lean back’ experience where they don’t have to choose establishes, ” the company said.

Netflix has tested a similar feature in the past where it afforded the users with a ‘Shuffle’ button so that users don’t have to manually look for content and the pulpit will stream the recommended proves or movies on its own.

With Netflix Direct, all users will be watching the same content at the same time.

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