It’s time for love of Netflix’s smash hit drama Ozark to get excited…

The streaming service has announced when the final occurrences is likely to be secreted.

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Scroll on to find out…

Now, we all desire Netflix.

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Kicking back, tightening, and switching on your favorite reveal. What could be better?

The streaming programme is jam bundled.

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From true-blue crime to romance, there’s truly something for everyone.

There are even movies!

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Netflix is home to a opulence of movies for those figment their box office fix.

Yep, it’s safe to say …

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Netflix really does have it all.

One of the platform’s fan-faves is Ozark.

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The crime drama has proven very popular among witness since it first made the platform.

It has a exceedingly plotting storyline.

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Marty relocates his family from Chicago to a time resort society in the Ozarks.

But things get involved …

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Marty is on the run after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong, forcing him to pay off a indebtednes to a Mexican drug lord in order to keep his beloved home safe.

Followers have adoration the succession.

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And it has several advantageous accolades and nominations under its belt.

But recently the fandom has been getting all the feels.

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After Netflix announced that a new series of Ozark is coming, but, sadly, it’ll be the show’s final season…

There have been a lot of reactions online to the announcement.

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It is clear followers are going through a lot.

A first ogle trailer for the evidence was quitted, and we have to admit …

It looks pretty darn good, right?

But, the big question that Ozark fans have been wondering is …

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When will the final escapades be slipping?

Well, the release appointment has now been announced …

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And it’s a lot sooner than parties anticipated!

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The Ozark season 4, character 2 will make screens on April 29.

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