Netflix is aiming to draw in younger observers with a new TikTok-esque boast announced “Kids Clips.” Similar to its inspiration, the peculiarity will show short clips from Netflix’s library of Tv and movies for kids.

The feature will initially roll out this week on the Netflix iOS app, in the U.S ., Canada, Australia, Ireland, and Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix is toying with this feature not only to allure a specific demographic, but too to uncover its useds to its vast catalogue of content.


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Netflix has previously forayed into TikTok terrain, with Fast Laughs, a feed launched earlier this year, peculiarity short-lived clips from TV testifies, movies, and stand-up comedy. Kids Clips is an offshoot of this, again making smaller excerpts and hoping to help onlookers marks suitable material.

It won’t be totally like TikTok. Videos will be accessed horizontally, for example. Different fairly.

Another difference is that minors will only be able to view 10 -2 0 videos at a time, unlike TikTok where you could scroll for hours and maybe( scarily) watch several hundreds of videos at a time.

The feature speaks to TikTok’s reign, yes, considering the insistence of other stages to mimic the TikTok vibe. Instagram, with Reels, and YouTube, with Shorts, has so far been proven this.

But perhaps this speaks to something else, very. Netflix is focusing a young demographic. Shorter videos are ideal for this age group, considering a four- or five-year-old child can, on average, focus on any imparted task for anywhere between two to five minutes. Not a good deal of time to convince them to watch a brand-new Netflix original, so enter Babies Clips.


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The same disappears for the rest of us though. With the general flow of constant content mostly everywhere on the Internet, keeping a user’s attention is a major task . TikTok just happened to find the solution.

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