Ready to stream the 2019 NCAA Tournament to your Shield TV.

College basketball’s signature tournaments are virtually here, and hoops followers who love streaming have a brand-new reason to be excited this March. The official NCAA March Madness Live app is now available on Android TV, including the NVIDIA Shield TV.

The March Madness Live app is a must have for streaming sports fans each March. The app torrents live coverage, on-demand, and spotlights of all 67 competitions of the NCAA Men’s college basketball tournament. They render everyone a 3-hour free preview, and then you can use your provider login to watch the live activities that breath on TNT, TBS, and TruTV, as well as highlightings and on-demand recreations from CBS. The app also has a huge selection of classic recreations from past tournaments, so you can enjoy No. 16 grain UMBC beating No. 1 seed Virginia all over again.

The NCAA March Madness Live app has been on a most-wanted roster for Android TV owners who love athletics. It has long been available for other smart TV platforms, and now owneds of the NVidia Shield TV or other smart TVs that use Android TV can join in the commotion. The update was exactly released today, so if past suffer deems, it may take a day or two for it to appear on the Android TV form of the Play Store. If you visit the March Madness Live Play Store webpage, you are able to login with your Google account and set it to your Android TV right now.

Android TV has participated a rush of brand-new and freshly revised apps over the last few months. Apps from Philo, the NHL, and the A& E and AMC structures have recently arrived for the first time. Also apps like Fox Now have been modernized with brand-new boundaries after over a year stuck on an old-fashioned copy. There are still large-hearted exceptions, including missing apps like DirecTV Now and Hulu offering exclusively a Classic app, but the Android TV platform is clearly picking up steam in the area of apps.

March Madness Live is also available for other streaming programmes, including Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku. You can also get the app for Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and Fire tablets.

Check out March Madness Live on Google Play Store


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