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After the usher trod me to the premium sits, I recognise how close to the action I was going to be. There I was at Asiatique Riverfront for the award-winning place production- Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives.

After training at Boxing King earlier that day, I demanded a crash course on Muay Thai’s past. What better practice than to cause the Thai paint a picture of the martial sport’s history?

Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives( Experience& Thoughts)

What’s Muay Thai Live about ?~ ATAGEND – The Tiger King( Act 1 )~ ATAGEND – The Prisoner with Eight Limbs( Act 2 )~ ATAGEND – The Warrior with Broken Swords( Act 3 )~ ATAGEND – The Lethal Art of Muay Thai( Act 4 )~ ATAGEND – The Passionate Fighter( Act 5 )~ ATAGEND Muay Thai Live Boxing: Fighters Rising( boxing match after the testify )~ ATAGEND Thoughts about the Show& Whether it’s Worth Watching How to Get to Muay Thai Live at Asiatique Riverfront ?~ ATAGEND Ticket Prices& Reliability from Many Negotiators

Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives

Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives is a establish, be administered by Ekachai Uekrongtham, that features Muay Thai’s evolution from the past to present. Through five deeds, it retells three old legends and then takes the gathering back into present-day Bangkok.

While the floors were narrated in Thai, subtitles in three expressions appeared on the backdrop- English, Chinese and Japanese. No one permitted to make photographs and videos when the testify started.

Act 1: The Tiger King Muay Thai Live Act 1 The Tiger King in DisguiseAct 1- The Tiger King in Disguise( Credit: Epitome screenshot from Muay Thai Live trailer)

The first deed retold the fiction of the Tiger King( Phra Chao Seu ), who reigned during the Ayutthaya era. He was said to affection Muay Thai so much that he disguised himself as a commoner to become involved in boxing matches.

What caught me off-guard …

The act began with ” hecklers” in the gathering yell and laughing. Before I got annoyed, Ayutthayan followers in loincloths race on stagecoach. The performers had hidden amongst the public and were depicting raucous warrior boys jesting around.

At this site, I recognized being accommodated in the second-row( premium tickets via Klook ). Due to the proximity to the stage, and the actors occasionally moving into the audience, it felt as though I was in the middle of the action.

You’ll have to watch the display for yourself to suffer the show’s explanation of this legend.

Plays 2: The Prisoner with Eight Limbs Muay Thai Live Act 2 The Prisoner with Eight LimbsAct 2- The Prisoner with Eight Limbs( Credit: Idol screenshot from Muay Thai Live trailer)

The next act was the lore of Nai Khanom Tom, a warrior captured by the Burmese violences after Ayutthaya fell.

One day, the Burmese king decided to hold a boxing competition, in which Nai Khanom Tom fight as a hostage. He demolished ten nobility Burmese boxers with ease in back-to-back coincides and received praised from the king.

The fight places and reasonable stunts …

The fight vistums and stunts may be particularly spectacular at my length. Even though I knew it was choreographed, the stunts and startling flings got my heart pumping.

I can still retain when Nai Khanom Tom leapt off the soil and landed on an opponent’s thigh. Almost immediately, his elbow came gate-crashing down on the Burmese boxer’s head, crumbling “the mens” to the field. The quicken of the choreographed battle was amazing.

Yet, I felt I listened the voice of whiplash when Nai Khanom Tom pierced and knocked his adversaries. I hadn’t imagined it. I clearly heard it over the stunning music and sound impressions. With the staged oppose at that rush, there was bound to be actual disturbs that connected.

Act 3: The Warrior with Broken Swords Muay Thai Live Act 3 The Warrior with Broken SwordsAct 3- The Warrior with Broken Swords( Credit: Persona screenshot from Muay Thai Live trailer)

The third act follows the history of Phraya Pichai Dap Hak( Phraya Pichai of the shattered sword ), a lesser-known mythology than the earlier two. The fib features a fighter who crusaded in battle with two swords. This is supposedly a form of weaponized Thai boxing.

In a battle against the Burmese, this swordsman struggle until his swords smashed. He then had no choice but to fight unarmed against the enemy.

If I recall correctly, the stage production took artistic license with this fib and embedded a heart-wrenching love story within. There was a star-crossed suitors twist involving a female warrior equivalent. I’m not going to give away the ending.

Beautiful weapon choreography…

The weapon fight sequences were extremely well-choreographed. The number of hours that went into drilling should therefore be immense for everything to look so fluid.

With the end of this lore, the support moved towards present-day Muay Thai.

Act 4: The Lethal Art of Muay Thai Muay Thai Live Act 4 The Lethal Art of Muay ThaiAct 4 The Lethal Art of Muay Thai( Credit: Idol screenshot from Muay Thai Live trailer)

The fourth act took the audience to the present day. It showcased different cultures, legend, and importances of Muay Thai that was passed on for contemporaries. The point that it lives on till today, combined with striking music, “ve been given” goosebumps. Muay Thai was clearly more than a martial sport, adopted by MMA, that seemed devoid of tradition.

What moved me was when the Muay Thai soldiers expressed each flesh in unison when the name of each proficiency blinked on the screen. Concurrently, two people contended each other to show how that specific technique driven in real time.

Naming convention of martial proficiencies was uniquely Asian

It was at then that I realized that the Thai were like other cultures when it came to wording their shapes and techniques. Consider the following epithets( translated into English ):

Mountain invalidates earth Elephant lunging its tusks Hanuman the Monkey King presents the ring

All of these figures have racial relevance to Thai culture, geography, belief, and autobiography. The same can be said about how the Chinese and Japanese identify their forms and techniques.

Act 5: The Passionate Fighter Muay Thai Live Act 5 The Passionate FighterAct 5- The Passionate Fighter( Recognition: Likenes screenshot from Muay Thai Live trailer)

Not merely were there pushed panoramas, this act included Parkour and tricking stunts.

Set in present-day Bangkok, the son of the police chief eyewitness the kidnapping of his fiancee. Having no choice, he bids his training in Muay Thai to rescue the beloved of his life.

Muay Thai Live Act 5 The Passionate Fighter; Throw StuntArgh … the discard inspected something like this( Ascribe: Portrait screenshot from Muay Thai Live trailer)

From thugs rappelling down from the ceiling to crusades in mid-air, the action cycles were fantastic. This modern falsehood cleanly ties Muay Thai’s past and present together.

Great storytelling, traumatic background …

When one of the robbers got thrown and snapped, I couldn’t help but squirm and disavow my shoulder. It reminded me too much of how I disabled my right shoulder.

Muay Thai Live Boxing: Warriors Rising( actual match) Setting up the Muay Thai Ring for Muay Thai Live Boxing: Warriors Rising (by Way Of Ninja, Logen)Setting up the Muay Thai Ring for Muay Thai Live Boxing: Soldiers Rising( by Way Of Ninja, Logen)

After the establish pointed, the stage was set up with a stopgap resounding for two boxing matches. Nonetheless, the Chinese duet sat next to me left. I don’t believe they understood the proclamation constructed in English.

During the interim, most of the public headed for the restroom before returning to our sets. Because the actors’ actions were unpredictable during the course of its present , no one in my part came up to use the restroom earlier.

As you can see, the nak muay( fighters) are very young at 17 -years-old. There are, of course, younger fighters at rural fairs.

Anyway, I’ve trimmed the interim undermines between the boxing stints from the video.

Also, there was a small group of Thai spectators heartening on the fighters insanely. They were either related to the fighters or had a gambling stake in the outcome of the fight. When I left the theatre after the fight, the poor kid “whos lost” was being screeched at by his manager.

Estimation about the Show& Whether it’s Worth Watching Muay Thai Live The End - Cast Photo by Way Of Ninja & LogenMuay Thai Live Cast at the Goal

I affection experiencing Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives. It was an eye-opening event for me to watch live-action defends and stunts, amidst awful storytelling.

But, having read the original accountings of the myths, I don’t envisage the show’s portrayals are wholly accurate. An instance of it was the love story.

This isn’t an issue though. It is comprehensible for theatre and films to embellish and exaggerate old fibs. How else will you get to see a fight panorama when the original form doesn’t establish a blow-by-blow detail of what happened? The core mythology is still there.

Again, the action-packed storytelling was superb. It shaped me curiously happy.

What’s more, the Thai boxing matches after the demo punches the target residence on competitive Muay Thai today.

For all that, I was happy to spend the money.

Was it worth it compensating more for the premium tush? Premium ticket for Muay Thai Live - Logen, Way Of NinjaPremium ticket for Muay Thai Live( Logen)

Yes! By being in the breast, I felt as though I was part of the action. I could see and discover everything up close.

Unfortunately, that includes the repelling thud on the actors’ bodies whenever they came kicked, swiped, or hurled against the stage floor.

Also, I got the ticket at a dismis via Klook. So, that may be why I’m not complaints about the cost. I’ve listed a few online negotiators that sell the tickets below and compared their rates.

How to Get to Muay Thai Live at Asiatique Riverfront?

1. To get to Asiatique Riverfront, make the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin station, which is on the Silom line( just a few terminals from Siam exchange ).

2. Get out of the depot from departure 2. Follow the sheltered walkway to Sathorn Pier, which is less than 150 m away. Turn left at the enormous line with the blue signboard. Denote to my photo below.

The stairs leading down on the right of the photo is Exit 2. Follow the sheltered walkway to get to the pier.The stairs leading to the sanctuary walkway, shown on the right of the photo, is Exit 2. Follow the sheltered walkway to get to the wharf.( Logen) When you get even closer, you'll see this. Sathon pier is right behind the huge concrete column.When you get even closer, you’ll see this. Sathon pier is right behind the huge concrete line. Croak to the left.

3. Once you contact the quay, ignore the touts and keep walking to the end. Gape out for one of the following options clues below. That’s the queue for the free shuttle ferrying to Asiatique.

Asiatique ferry sign near the long queue Asiatique ferry sign with operating hours Asiatique sign above

4. To get to the Muay Thai Live theatre from Asiatique’s pier, go to the STAGE Theatre located at Chareonkrung Soi 74 -7 6 within Asiatique.

Muay Thai Live Booth - Logen, Way Of NinjaMuay Thai Live Booth. When you get to the theatre, you’ll know. The committee is flags of the show everywhere.

Take the same shuttle ferrying back to Saphan Taksin for free. The ferrying operates from 4 to 11.30 pm.

Comparing Ticket Prices& Reliability from Various Workers

Prices may fluctuate based on the season. For accurate rates, click on the respective buttons to check them.

ProviderPremium SeatsStandard SeatsRemarksKlook( recommended) Bh. 910

( US $28) Bh. 750

( US $23) I got my premium ticket via Klook. Recommended.Check it outViator( system: 3685 P173 )~ ATAGENDNONEBh. 750.65*

( US $22.65) Exclusively standard tushes accessible. Necessitate to book at the least 2 adult tickets.Check it outMuay Thai Live( direct) Bh. 1500

( US $45.25 *) Bh. 1200

( US $36.21 *) Most expensive. Online payment in Thai currency only.Check it outViator( code: 7638 P1 )~ ATAGENDBh. 1542.34*

( US $46.54) Bh. 1234.13*

( US $37.24) It expenses more than the original price.Check it out

* Premiums with the asterisk were calculated with the original rate paraphrased( in non-asterisk ), use the exchange rate on 21 Sept 2017.

Should you get tickets that include transportation?

No. Don’t squander your coin unless you’re too far from the nearest BTS Skytrain or MRT Metro station. Even then, taking a metered-taxi( or Grab car) would be much cheaper.

In most cases, getting there via BTS Skytrain and the free shuttle ferry will cost you less than 50 baht( US $1.50 ). If you are swapping from the MRT metro to BTS Skytrain, it may cost you an additional 30 baht at most. Go to this section for educations on how to get there.

There is little intellect for you to get a ticket that includes car delivery, specially when central Bangkok is notorious for its traffic.

So, if you decide to watch Muay Thai Live, I recommend getting the premium ticket via Klook. They’ve saved me coin on a few experiences during my expedition in May/ June and been a service I could count on.

Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives

Book Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives right now( via Klook ). Then, is an indication at the ticket booth with merely your mobile phone, like I did.

Pick your benches& record now !

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