The decision to incorporate Sony’s Morbius into the Marvel Cinematic Universe solves the problem of how Marvel Studios will set up its Blade movie. Though in different ways, Blade and Morbius are both centered around the same subject material: vampires. Morbius represents it easier for Marvel to introduce vampires to the MCU.

The release of the highly forecasted first trailer for Sony’s Morbius movie demonstrated Jared Leto’s titular vampire in action and required a very brief glimpse at his complete transformation into the comic book character. But the reveal from the trailer that’s received the bulk of the attention is undeniably the confirmation that Morbius( and Venom) take place within the MCU, despite being made by Sony and not Marvel Studios. In the past, conflicting evidences from Marvel and Sony built the situation involved, but it was eventually established a while back that Venom existed on its own. The Morbius trailer changes all of this, however.

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First of all, the trailer includes an Easter egg that does more than exactly citation Morbius’ original antagonist, Spider-Man. The trailer alludes to Peter Parker being made for killing Mysterio in the cliffhanger ceasing of Spider-Man: Far From Home when the word “murderer” is shown on street art of Spider-Man. The connection between the MCU and Sony’s Marvel Universe became blatantly self-evident when Vulture( Michael Keaton) from Spider-Man: Homecoming depicted up at the end of the trailer and spoke to Morbius. Having Morbius, Venom, and eventually Venom 2 in a $22 billion right is a huge win for Sony Situation, but it helps Marvel extremely. Here’s how Morbius can set up Marvel’s Blade movie.

Th MCU is bundled with over 20 movies that together embraces numerous genres and aspects, which means that there isn’t a long list of things Marvel hasn’t tried more. The MCU previously has elves, gods, beings, immigrants, wizards, intersperse timelines, and time hasten, but one thing it doesn’t have is vampires. The doctrine was that Marvel would have to dive into brand-new area with Blade, but now that may not be necessary, or at least not entirely. Morbius can show gatherings that fiends do indeed exist in the MCU.

Morbius tells the story of a mortal dying of a uncommon blood canker who manages a perilous venture and turns himself into a beast with vampire-like characters. Due to this experiment, Dr. Michael Morbius develops fangs, stupendou backbone, the ability to use echolocation, and like all vampires, a need to drink blood. With Morbius being in the MCU, Marvel doesn’t have to introduce the concept of vampirism in Blade; Sony will have done this job for them with Morbius.

It should be pointed out that there’s a reasons for in Marvel Comics, Morbius is called “The Living Vampire”. Morbius is not a ghoul in the traditional ability , nor is he undead. It would be more accurate to say that he’s a pseudo-vampire. His abilities and thirst for blood are calibers said that he shared vampires, but Morbius is changed by scientific and not through supernatural makes. Vampires, on the other hand, are supernatural people that originated from Blade’s biggest opponent, the immortal Dracula.

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This doesn’t mean that Morbius and Blade aren’t connected. Since Blade won’t be secreted until 2022 at the earliest , not much are all aware of how it will change the monster cus. Blade may not move the supernatural route with Dracula and may instead go with a most practical, grounded approaching in matters of what ogres are and where they come from. In Blade’s movie, he may be dealing with ghouls who are like Morbius. It was possible that the virus has spread in such a way that Blade has to rise up and hunting them down. Morbius is only about one fiend, but an occurrence in the movie could lead to an outbreak or some other reason for a person like Blade to be needed in the MCU.

If the MCU does use the mysterious clarity of a vampire, Morbius can still factor into the setup for Blade. Morbius can hint at or tease the existence of real monsters. Or, if Morbius wants to take thing a stair further, the movie can even drop a reference to Blade himself by mentioning a mortal who hunts down beings like Morbius.

Could Morbius appear in Blade, or could the two fulfill in a crossover cinema? The answer to this question depends on the details of Marvel’s new deal with Sony. It’s not clear how deep it moves, or if it pertains exclusively to Spider-Man and Spider-Man only. If so, Morbius may be off-limits, and it may take another deal to negotiate an appearing from Morbius in a Marvel Studios movie. Marvel may take an interest in that possibility if Morbius proves to be a box office sensation.

A possible Blade-Morbius crossover isn’t without precedent. When Blade was being developed, columnist David S. Goyer wanted to tease him at the end of the movie, and use Morbius as the main rascal for Blade II, but rights issues pertaining to Morbius’ ties to Spider-Man stood in the way. 20 years later, it may still be a problem, but the circumstances have changed significantly, so if both parties want the crossover, there may be a way for it take shape at some object down the road.

Also, it may not matter that Morbius and Blade are movies that deal with two different types of fiends. It certainly didn’t matter in the comics. In detail, Morbius is responsible for some of Blade’s strengths. It was actually little bit from Morbius that uttered him superhuman excellences. Blade and Morbius have opposed — and teamed up — several times since. Like the comic book version of the character, the MCU’s Blade may not inevitably know or care that Morbius isn’t an actually vampire when they meet for the first time. Blade initially targeting Morbius could select the Living Vampire into the superhuman slope of the Marvel Universe. What could be so interesting about a Blade-Morbius crossover is that it would unite two courages who by their very nature would be compelled to kill each other, but contexts could impel them to throw their differences aside and come together against a common enemy, whether it be Dracula or some other supernatural foe.

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