New details on Michael B. Jordan’s long gestating Black Superman project, including an official name for the film along with the writers attached to pen the HBO Max adaptation. This DC news tells us more on Jordan’s Black Superman project. Titled Val Zod, the HBO Max adaptation will follow the titular courage, Val-Zod; a Kryptonian who was one of the few babes, along with Kal-El, to escape the ruin of his home planet. In the pages of the comics, Val-Zod announces Earth-2 residence, and makes up the mantle of Superman from Clark Kent in Earth-2 controversy #25 and throughout the Earth-2: World’s End mini-series. Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society will be produce the adaptation for DC Entertainment and WB Television, with Darnell Matayer and Josh Peters attached to write. The pair recently written Paramount’s upcoming Transformers: Rise of the Barbarian movie, releasing next year. According to Deadline, the two have an unexpected take over the iconic Earth-2 hero’s origin story. In other word, two highly apprehended trailers ought to have released: Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop and Disney/ Pixar’s Lightyear. And finally, Bill Murray presumably has a secret role in a Marvel film, with some foreseeing it to be in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.


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