I recently came across the following detail: In its first year 1999 my father was a taxi driver in North Dakota. In occurrence you don’t know 1999 was a spooky time( Y2K) for hippies like my father. He and many others thought that personal computers would reset everything to the year 1900 instead of 2000, and we would have to restart with old-fashioned technology. He was preparing for the worst the whole time and my mother told him to stop because it was a stupid notion, but he wouldn’t listen to her. He always speculated the government was after him and watching him which realise him even more paranoid.He “ve told me” that in December of 1999 he thought he started accompanying a stalker. A gentleman who wore a pitch-black dres, a black tie, and a dark dark-brown fedora. It was always at 8 am when he was started so he blew it off for awhile and recalled maybe he was just on his action to project as well. That is, until he acclaimed my dad’s taxi. It was less than a few weeks before New Years and “the mens” hailed his taxi. My pa told me that he trod slower than a normal party did and had no facial pieces, as in no scars, defects, or blemish in his face. He was about 5 paw 10 and had a high-ish pitched tone. He also had a briefcase handcuffed to his hand.He gets in the back seat on the moves surface and said “2 92 nd Avenue, floor it.” and handed him 500 dollars. My daddy said it would have not even been close to a 500 dollar drive and demanded not to take all $500. The adult said “You will need it soon, Patrick.” as calmly as a human being could talk. My dad said he was snapping his sh* t at how he knew his refer and how crazy the situation was. My dad is seeking to make small talk on the way there but the man just glanced straight ahead at the road and never said a word. He arrived at the road to find it was in the middle of absolutely no where. My daddy remained driving until the man muttered “stop.” The mortal said nothing as he gradually get out and started strolling into the field. My pa looked at the man to picture his briefcase handcuff to his left hand, and a revolver in his right. My dad peeled out and prevent would be interested to make sure “the mens” never tried to shoot him, but he didn’t. The lover never stopped moving, inspected, or changed his gait. None guessed my pa when he “ve told them” and tried to forget it.New Years 2000 came and he never necessitated the money. The world didn’t terminate, and he had a lot of canned food for nothing. He forgot until this year, when we were going to see a soul township this summer on our room back from trip. Google said to make the very same superhighway “hes taking” “the mens” on and he told me to stop the car. I did as he questioned and pulled over. He told me this history and required we drive away and never go anywhere near here again. The subject was never seen again by my father and I have no suggestion of this man’s intents. dhs1 976 Men in Black: Evidence and True Stories about Earth’s Most Mysterious Cover AgentsThe Real Men In Black: Sign, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO PhenomenaMen In Black: Personal Narratives and Eerie AdventuresCasebook on the Men In BlackMen in Black: The Secret Terror Among UsLon’s Suggested Reading List – Books& Films/ DVDs


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