Pasta impels everything better.

It was also the perfect challenge to implement into MasterChef Season 11 Episode 7 when the fiction of the hour was Nancy Silverton, the Queen of Italian cuisine.

People underestimate how difficult pasta can be to see, so the gang had to put in the work for this challenge.

Pasta Queen  - MasterChef Season 11 Episode 7

One of the best minutes of all was watching the demonstration. It’s the absolute best when one of the judges rotations up his sleeves and shown in this entrants how to get down in the kitchen with one of their specialties.

And this time around, we got a master class demonstration with Joe and Nancy, who too happen to co-own a restaurant together.

Joe is such a hardass most of the time, so it’s always a give when you witness his resentment “re coming” while he’s cooking. It was chock full of advice and tips, and the contenders were devouring it up.

Something that always comes up when they get a pasta challenge is the Italian-Americans naturally share that Italian is part of their legacy as if that will automatically give them an edge in this type of challenge.

Intense Concentration - tall - MasterChef Season 11 Episode 7

And, um, that’s not how that works, tribes! I would never brought forward by my percentage of Sicilian heritage in a homemade pasta challenge. If anything, that’s cause for scrutiny, right?

You’re damn near inviting harsher criticism!

If you’re Italian and brought forward by the nonnas, but you aren’t bringing your -Agame, then you’re about to find out!

Pasta is another deceitful challenge. It’s unforgiving in the errors that will be on full showing if you goof up. It has to be seasoned properly — otherwise, it could be too bland.

Mastering the Pasta Challenge - MasterChef

The dough has to be kneaded just right. You have a risk of under-kneading it rather than over-kneading it, so that can be a nightmare.

Alejandro’s situation was interesting. He’s Cuban, and he told that he never even had pasta until he was a teenager. It’s something that, as an American, you take for granted because it’s such a staple.

But Miles was the one who strove the most with this challenge, and it’s a reminder of how clumsy he is in the kitchen. It’s something that has come up a few eras before, but it’s gone under the radar with everything else.

His pesto yearn nuts suggestion chimed horrendous, and from the moment he messed up his sauce, he was a disaster in the kitchen ever since. The two pans of burnt pine nuts at his depot were sufficient to disgust Ramsay.

Miles Brings the Heat - tall - MasterChef Season 11 Episode 7

It was apparent he’d have one of the most serious dishes, right along with Alejandro’s grandiose fettucini with octopus.

The best foods were harder to determine until the evaluates announced them. But Anne’s pappardelle was a hit for the magistrates even if they are the peas weren’t to my personal taste nor helped with the presentation.

I agreed with Joe about how much Anne put on them. The asparagus or peas needed to go, for sure. I appreciate that Joe was going hard on the rivals for a challenge that was near and dear to him.

Autumn is proving to be a dark horse of the season, and her dish was effortlessly the best.

Autumn Excels at Pasta - tall - MasterChef Season 11 Episode 7

She payed her Italian-toting card, and she had Aaron obligating really weird resemblances about kissing dates, and Ramsay wanted to leant her dish on his menu, which is one of the highest honors when he’s critiquing.

Kelsey too smacked it out of the ballpark with her lobster pasta. But it’s Lexy who was the shocking picking. The top three expanded to a top four.

Lexy is such a wholesome and endearing contender, and you can tell all the referees have a soft spot for her.

Even though they had some concerns about how quickly she could perform a lasagna in the limited time, Joe spoke fondly of her to Nancy about her skill of altering anything you present her into gold.

Lexy Preps Her Dish - tall - MasterChef Season 11 Episode 4

Lexy’s narrative determines her someone you root for, a mama with limited means who induces the most of everything that she has. She’s the type of person that they design this streak for in the first place.

Every earn she gets draws you smile. You can’t help but feel proud of her.

For a bit, it seemed as if Abe would be a contender as well. He’s another rival who has come into his own and continues to impress the referees with his skillset and palate despite his young age.

He’s a extremely ability young man, and I expect to see him thrive down the road.

Pasta Cutouts - tall - MasterChef Season 11 Episode 7

Of route, the bottom two opponents were as clear as daytime, but Joe’s commentary and Gordon’s critiques is definitely funny as they only harsh.

Sadly, both Miles and Alejandro were weaker contenders who haven’t put forth their best in some time.

I don’t speculate anyone expected either of them to make it to the end of the rivalry, as they still have some work to do to reach the elite level expected from the winner of this competition.

The final select of Michael wasn’t that much of a surprise as the adjudicators didn’t have the very best actions when they determined his dish, and they mentioned that it glanced very greasy.

Double-handed - tall - MasterChef Season 11 Episode 7

And Michael was proof as to why the Italian Pride thing can cost you in the end if you don’t rise to the occasion! While Michael’s dish sucked, it was his first time in the bottom, and he’s been a consistent one. It was no way he was going home.

Miles did instead. It was his time, but we already know Alejandro is on thin ice!

Over to you, MasterChef Fanatics! Did the liberty being going to go ?! HIt specific comments below!

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