Eruptions of charm continued into the afternoon as sprawling street gatherings picked up from Brooklyn’s Fort Greene to Oakland’s Lakeshore, filmed by @ghostlychloe and shared by my colleague Jayo Miko Macasaquit, and another in Fairfax, California, announced by @sherlavars and shared by my colleague Steve Katz.

From Oakland 😛 TAGEND Video

https :// wp-content/ uploads/ 2020/11/ Oakland-Nov-7- 2020. mp4

In Fairfax 😛 TAGEND

Fairfax CA Biden celebration Y9vI49s0aK

— Sherry LaVars (@ sherlavars) November 7, 2020

Steve, with Rachelle Averbach, describes” a beautiful sink morning” and “no surprise that downtown Fairfax was filled with mountain and road bikers”( Fairfax is the birthplace of ridge biking) plus “coffee-slugging brunch mavens…About 50 of us regionals manager downtown to catch Biden’s and Harris’ victory party. It was an unusually psychological moment for so many people–a release, a comfort, even though we know how hard-boiled the time onward will be.”

In Brooklyn, my colleague Molly Schwartz synthesized the clanging washes, honking tusks, and outcries of catharsis as” ambient jubilance[ that] begun into a full-fledged open-air dance party “:

best day of this minors life nudYA3lCVM

— Molly Schwartz (@ mollyfication) November 7, 2020

Outdoors and indoors, it all continues; if you have Recharges and videos of your own, discuss the matter at recharge @motherjones. com.

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