At long last-place, Martin Garrix has released his collaboration with Pierce Fulton and Mike Shinoda,” Waiting For Tomorrow .” The choru has, in some species, been awaited since December 2015 when Garrix began sharing clips of the lyric on social media. It’s gone through many changes since it was first discovered, but it reverberates absolutely brilliant now.

At time of writing, the sung is experiencing a delay in the US, with the Spotify stream being unavailable to users and no YouTube link with a video up hitherto. It’s possible that, in a turn of dry paradox, we have to wait for tomorrow to get it … which would honestly be a magnificent troll on Garrix’s part. We’ve already waited this long, what’s another period?

Then again, we kind of want it right now, too.

For those that can listen, check it out below.

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