Reunion time is where you get all the theatre and the fun.

And Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17 did not disappoint, as it gave us the final updates on all the couples, and everyone gathered together to discuss their experiences, their social media attention, and their peculiar friendship.

But, of course, the standout during the reunion was a personal favorite, Henry.

Henry Decides  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 16

The good story, well, I belief it’s not the greatest for all those thirsty people who have been dying to slide into Miles’ DM’s.

The good news is that nothing has changed since the climax. All of the couples who chose to stay together on Decision Day remain together.

Of all the installments, this was the time we got to a suitable look at who everyone really is. It’s true that during the course of its line, editing can lead some people to appear different than how they are in person.

Amani Glows - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17

During a reunion, you get the most realistic view of these participants you watch for weeks, and maybe by then, it varies your perspective of how you saw them during the series.

It must be hard participating in a reality is demonstrating that films months in advance. Later, you have to watch yourself on Tv, and you know the world’s reaction to you.

It’s been a buzzworthy season, and everyone, myself included, had strong sentiments and weren’t afraid to share them about these individuals.

From the hubbubs of it, Karen, Christina, Olivia, Henry, and Brett were the most polarizing participates. And the status of women especially suffered a blaze of a lot of negativity.

Karen undecided  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 15

It led to some of them, like Christina, taking interruptions from social media, and others, like Olivia and Karen, spoke out against things said about them. You could tell it riled them, and that’s unfortunate.

You loathe to see ugliness and nastiness spread about and knowing that the people it’s about are seeing it all does suck. I guess it’s a definite con you have to deal with as a consequence of being on a series like this.

Brett and Olivia had a brief reunion. Brett zoomed-in from his home, and frankly, there wasn’t much else that needed to be said. Yet, they rehashed a bunch of the same stuff anyway.

All Dolled Up - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17

Looking back on some of the times, it’s remarkable how different their nuptial period was. Olivia, on her wed period, was a different person than who we find for the remainder of the season.

Brett was always someone who ship desegregated sends. The initial disgust with him stanch from his first meeting with the guys where he announced like an haughty prick and then hit on the waitress.

Then, of course, he left the Bachelor party early without saying goodbye, and he spent most of the nighttime stumbling on Henry’s friend.

It was never much of a secret that Brett came across as an ass, but he likewise couldn’t win within his relationship with Olivia. They “re not” a good join, and they unraveled around the time they shared their finances.

Shady Brett  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 11

Their reunion was weird. Brett was just phoning it in , no doubt because of the substantiate expecting it, and Olivia was still angry and hostile.

They traded barbs and potshots, and Olivia mentioned that Brett, the serial dater, is still out dating, and she said her friends send her screenshots every time he parallels with them.

Olivia’s friends reverberate cluttered, Olivia seems too invested in a guy she never actually cared for in the first place, and Brett probably needs to stick to casual dating.

Brett and Olivia weren’t prepared for this process, and that’s fine.

Brett and Olivia  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 1

It came as no surprise that Brett opted out of the group reunion and that nobody else from the cast outside of Woody preserves in contact with him. Woody is the resident nice guy, and he’s likewise lowkey nosey as inferno, so go figure.

Amelia and Bennett too had to phone in the reunion since they were in Richmond. The two of them gaped good, and you can tell they settled into their brand-new life together.

Their little accommodation was adorable, and they remain the cutest.

It seems life is going well for them, and Bennett has a new job that he’s enjoying. Amelia is deep into her residency, and that has affected the quality time they spend with one another with her long periods, but they’re making it work.

Bennett's New Life  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17

Amelia choosing to focus on Family Medicine is suitable for her. I would’ve suspected Peds, but this applies her some of that anyway.

Bennett and Amelia are just as fun, quaint, cute, and well-loved as ever. And it was priceless when they sang a song for Kevin and later for the others.

Everyone adores Bennett and Amelia. It’s hard-handed no to, I guess.

But everyone beloveds Woody and Amani, more. They’ve been the fan-favorite couple all-season, and they returned more of that wizard into the reunion special.

A new Proposal - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17

They both seem as if they’re appalled but living their dream, encounter adoration in such an unconventional mode. Woody cannot stop getting emotional, and even Kevin explained about how his wife craves him to be more like Woody.

Woody blossomed before our eyes, and he remained a steady, strong, decent person throughout. It’s adorable to see how feelings he gets when he talks about their love story.

When he got down on his knee and rendered Amani an participation that he felt suited her better as an official symbol that he picked her this time, it was sweet.

Woody known to be to turn in a depict. The only thing missing was the dog.

DM Argument  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 13

But the cutest duty about them during the installment was that they moved a few cases mansions away from Karen and Miles. I don’t know how much more adorable that can be.

The friendly exchanges between Woody and Miles was always strong; they came into this process together as most special friend, but it was a bang to see it play out in front of our eyes.

It’s something special and sugared about these four living so close to one another. According to the brood, they hang out with each other a few seasons a week, and it’s like something out of a sitcom.

Karen and Miles decided to stay together on Decision Day, and their marriage is still working out for them. It’s about term for the naysayers to respect their choice and leave them alone.

Still Happily Married - Tall - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17

Miles choice what was best for him, and he believes that’s Karen. They spoke about the swelling and how close they got since the season ended. Maybe they needed to be away from the cameras to get their marriage into gear.

Before they even sanctioned they were still together, you could see significant differences in them.

Miles and Karen both ogled delightful as usual( they and Woody and Amani are the best-dressed couples of the season ), and they were super affectionate with each other.

It’s a significant difference from what we identified onscreen. But even when Kevin testified some unaired representations, Karen was more down to earth and fun than what we verified for most of the season.

Karen's New Do  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17

Karen had no problem claiming her lover publicly when acknowledging all of the meanings Miles does because of the testify, and they seem happy together. I’m glad this pair works out despite their bumpy relationship onscreen.

And Karen is a woman who stands by her every move, paroles, and foresees. I was surprised that she had no sadness about her demeanor the entire age, but I respect her honesty.

I respected Henry’s brutal honesty, too. Admittedly, I have a soft spot for Henry, but one thing he registered was what happens when you propagandize a gentle, earmarked person too far.

Henry and Christina were a fateful pairing from the beginning. Their interview with Keving wasn’t that bad.

Not Matched Well  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17

They said they weren’t keeping in touch with each other, and Christina didn’t care for the negative things said about either of them on social media.

It didn’t do tangled until the entire radical was together, and Kevin brought up the textbook letter statu. When Kevin asked about it, Henry moved from trying to be diplomatic, to spilling all of the tea and telling it like it was when he felt as though Christina was trying to deny everything.

Apparently, the textbook came about when Christina felt she was going to look bad on TV, and she wanted Henry to have her back. When she wasn’t sure if he would, she tried to blackmail him with this mysterious text message saying that he was gay.

Henry Spills the Tea  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17

The roots of the verse remain a mystery since the story about who transport it has changed a dozen times. And Christina never created the textbook message.

At some degree, she even implied that production may have sent it to her since she wasn’t getting along with production at the time.

It was all so messy, and as Henry went into the gory details of what Christina was doing and how it established him feel, the wander of reactions from the rest of the throw was epic.

New Info  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17

Woody, ever the cluttered was, was entertained by the whole ordeal, and so was Amani. Olivia didn’t even know what to say about it all, but I kind of envisage she didn’t like the relevant recommendations of it being aired out like this.

Bennett seemed frightened, and Amelia was drinking tea.

Henry wasted most of the season coming across as a soft-spoken, hushed being who didn’t reveal too much, but he didn’t mince words during that time.

You could tell the entire place riled him. He likewise revealed that he had matters on their wedding period. During the acknowledgment, he found out that Christina was in a five-year relationship with a married man, and it was toxic on both sides, and then eight months later, she was marrying him.

Taking it In  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17

Henry obstructed his guard up because of the information he found out then, and he was concerned about how their relationship would be. Christina’s text fiasco eventually supported surmises “hes having” the part time.

Christina seemed chagrined that everyone is of this information was coming out, and she got emotional and cried, which is something that she tends to do when things get intense.

Christina also revealed that she’s in such relationships with someone else, but she said it’s not serious. I don’t know if she downplayed it after recognizing the implications of that or not, but it’s all bizarre.

It’s sad that Christina was concerned about how she’d come across on Tv, and for the most part, she did not come across the best most of the season.

Christina Unravels - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 17

It was highlighed even more when different groups started discussing how close they are.

The only thing better than some of the couples was the friendship that developed between Miles, Woody, Henry, and Bennett.

We knew Woody and Miles were close, and Miles and Henry were cool, extremely, but Woody and Henry are also pretty damn close, and it was funny to hear about all of the times he hangs out with Henry and how he’s more outgoing than he appeared on the show.

Honestly, I would yield for a establish or at least some check-ins with the chaps all hanging out together. Their friendship is adorable.

Dancing Couple  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4

Another season of Married at First Sight is under our belts, and a brand-new season will be coming with the brand-new year. They’ll are still in Atlanta this time.

Over to you, MAFS freaks! Have you been watching along with me, or am I talking to myself? What did you think about the couples?

Do you think some of the opponents were unfairly evaluated and discussed? What are your thoughts on the Henry and Christina fiasco?

Click the blue SHOW COMMENTS button below, and let’s hear your thoughts! You can watch Married at First Sight online now via Tv Fanatic.

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