It’s been a while since we last-place got a look at Frogwares’ promising Lovecraft-inspired detective adventure, The Sinking City, but now we are now, with a brand-new developer video, offering an overview of the game’s snooping car-mechanics as well as new in-game footage.

In The Sinking City, players are given as private investigator Charles Reed, who sees himself in Oakmont, Massachusetts – a area of 1920 s America, plagued by a superhuman deluge and other, more troubling, cosmic horrors – in search of a meant to be remedy his hellish visions.

As Frogwares has explained before, The Sinking City is largely concentrates on challenging players’ investigate motivations and deductive dominances, entailing no handholding and no objectives littering the map.”We will never tell you how to approach a adventure, where to return, what to look for, who you are able to accuse”, says the developer in his most recent trailer.

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