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It’s been a tumultuous week in all countries of the world of Jeffree Star. Insider’s Kat Tenbarge released a scathing report that included accusations against the appeal vlogger that he sexually aggression numerous husbands, worked a stun firearm on parties, and offered hush money to his scapegoats. At the same time, Star accused his now-ex-boyfriend, Andre Marhold, of stealing when he moved out of his house. But many parties are claiming the theft accusation was placed because Star knew the bombshell essay was going to be released.

On Wednesday, Hip magazine screenshotted a comment on Marhold’s Instagram page from Star asking him to return the stuff he stole from him.

Star wrote in specific comments, “Hey! Since you can’t answer the phone right now, can you give me all the stuff back that you stole from my house ?? What kind of lowlife fucking froth does that? Give it back !!!! If it was necessary to a return name, just ask.”

Then, histories claiming to be Marhold’s “backup accounts” emerged with narratives that have not been confirmed by Marhold’s official Instagram account. On Friday, Marhold said one of the accounts, @_amarxiiii, is fake.

The fake account claimed that Marhold only entered the relationship with Star because Star offered him $70,000 to recover his image and show that he’s not racist. Screenshots from the accounts sheet and Instagram story were posted to Twitter. The sheet also claimed that Star cheated on his ex, Nathan, with his best friend and has HIV.

On Wednesday, Star said on Instagram that he wanted to explain what “actually” happened. He said that “people aren’t always what they seem.”

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“I’ve been hanging out with person, ” he excuses, “just two grown-up adults, hanging out having sex and chilling. Nothing serious. But, I was presented a whole different party from who this person certainly was.”

Star says that “this person” had no money , no job, “not even a bank account.” Then, he said, when he sent “this person” on their lane, “Louis Vuitton luggage, ” backpacks, and sunglasses went missing.

Amid the accusations, Star did a cash giveaway on Twitter, and Insider released the explosive report.

“Several former associates say Star engaged in violent and abusive behavior on several motives during the belatedly 2000 s, including several allegations of sexual assault, ” Tenbarge wrote. “Four people who spoke with Insider said Star fondled humankinds around him without assent. Five parties told Insider they personally verified Star using a close-range stun gun or other tasing manoeuvre to hurt and harass beings around him.”

Insider spoke to many of Star’s accusers and casualties but Star himself has yet to address the controversy. He exclusively tweeted formerly after the narration came out, writing, “Gooood morning everyone! How are ya ?? ”

Star, who has been known to block his critics, likewise blocked Tenbarge. As she tweeted the legend, numerous parties replied to say they weren’t surprised by the allegations.

“Jeffree Star toy the internet last-place light, ” one person tweeted. “He fabricated a BS fight with his Ex, while both promoted CASH APP giveaways, to distract us from the floor by Kat Tenbarge. We all knew Jeffree Star sexually aggression beings – Kat drew receipts.”

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