This new four-part series verifies the documentary maker revisit the highlights of his long and differed vocation, from cornering hucksters to run-ins with neo-Nazis

Louis Theroux: Life on the Edge( BBC Two ), which showcased the highlights of the documentary maker’s 25 times in the weirdo-pursuit biz, probably wants to be called a retrospective rather than a time place. I am feeling magnanimous, so I will let you choose. But there are lots of times, and not much else.

But what times they were. The first episode of four thematically organized outings dealt with matters of belief. So we gratify- or re-met, if you recollect his first appearance in the inaugural episode of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends in 1998- Colonel Bo Gritz. The real-life inspiration for Rambo and the founder of the Almost Heaven covenant community, Gritz and his ilk were last seen hunkering down in the Idaho hills and prepping for struggle with the federal government and the following New World Order. A brief Zoom call to catch up with the head of the community’s producing household, Mike, revealed that he has retained his old certainties and is impressed with Trump’s fearlessness in sticking it to the gubernatorial Man.

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