I was wondering if anyone who has a lot of eye floaters was able to ignore them or atleast been like living with them without hiding in the dark?

6 weeks ago i started to notice floaters for the first time and i notification i had quite a lot but back then i didn’t think much of it and stopped really thought about it and havent “ve seen them” the working day .. In that same week i am just examined them maybe 3 more time and the last go i decided to look online. After i read that u have to live with them i got very scared ever since i read a lot of negative narratives about people who cant live with them even after 10 times. Funny thing is in that first week it was pretty sunny and didn’t even verify them.

The thing is my floaters aren’t really that pitch-black or anything. They are very small but i have quite a lot in my right attention and some in the left. In total i would probably say 10 -2 0 because it kind of hard to see how many .. I basically merely learn them when moving my seeings but i am able hear them in all weather conditions except for the dark ofcourse and when its cloudy and sprinkling i may not identify so much better. Inside house i see them on the lily-white walls when its day but then i may assure simply 1 or 2 since i have this one tiny black floater. I also think im getting manic because i keep hearing all kind of advances like a thoughtfulnes of light on a television that is turned off.

And yes i have already got my hearts checked by a doctor and there was nothing perilous with my eyes and had a perfect vision and he told me my floaters were not really pitch-black or dense. altough im going to see a eye doctor soon and maybe he could tell me more since those individuals who checked my sees was a regular doctor who is also able to check the eyes to those used weird machine thing that looks into your eye

I dont know if anyone has positive stories for me since im being all psychotic at this moment and intimidated that i will never be able to ignore them. Once im outside there are quite a lot and it feels hopeless to not visualize them sometimes i wonder if my floaters increased compared to the first week but i dont really know. I know that people can get used to them when they have like 2-4 but i have 10 -2 0( Maybe 10 -1 5) and the annoying part is they are also in my eyesight. They do not impede my dream tho since im able to read everything excellent and all but when i move my attentions they rebound trough my imagination and all which is capable of build my looks tired after a long while

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