Among the many notices and trailers at the September 2021 Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Star Wars: Cavaliers of the Old Republic is being ported to Switch. Merely weeks before, a complete remake of KOTOR was discovered for PlayStation 5 and PC. The original Gallants of the Old Republic is still a awesome tournament, if a bit dated, but the KOTOR Switch port’s untimely edict demonstrates just how far Nintendo’s hardware is lagging behind the rest of the industry.

Knights of the Old Republic first came out in 2003 on the original Xbox and PC. It and its sequel are still highly regarded, so the KOTOR remake’s announcement justification quite a bit of excitement. Today, the original is playable on countless machines, including iOS and Android, but news of yet another port on the ends of the remake’s teaser unfortunately casts a less-than-flattering light on the Nintendo Switch. Many are greatly predict the remake, while the Switch is just now getting the original.

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To be fair, the Switch isn’t undoubtedly in direct rivalry with the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/ S. The portability of Nintendo’s console is its most touted piece, and that appliance surely come here for some equipment detriments. Most Switch proprietors likely don’t expect the system’s renders to have top-of-the-line graphics, but the late additive of the ageing KOTOR to its library is noticeable as the rest of the industry is concerning itself with ray detecting and formulate charges of 60 fps or higher. That said, the KOTOR Switch port will likely be welcomed by fans; this is mostly an issue of bad timing, following the hype of the remake’s announcement so closely.

As much as its untimely bulletin in the Nintendo Direct highlightings the state of the Switch’s hardware, KOTOR is a more than acceptable addition to the console’s collection of games. Knights of the Old Republic has been critically lauded since its release and is perhaps the most beloved Star Wars game ever, alongside the original Battlefront 2. The BioWare-developed RPG has dozens of hours of the information contained and an exceptional amount of replayability, telling a cogent and dynamic storey within a unique era of the Star Wars universe.

Beyond those qualities, though, KOTOR’s gameplay likewise gives itself particularly well to the Switch’s fortes. The combat is somewhere between real-time and turn-based, standing players to interrupt at any time in order to set up their next actions. This, combined with plenty of interactive discourses and minigames throughout, moves it readily digestible on a portable arrangement. The game’s dated visuals likely won’t be so see on any of the Switch models’ screens, and physical buttons and analog sticks will likely perform actors better than the way authorities of the existing smart phone and tablet ports. The Nintendo Switch is clearly far behind the other notable hardware in the games industry, and the upcoming Knights of the Old Republic port demonstrates that, but at least it’s a worthy addition to the system’s library.

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Star Wars: Cavaliers of the Old Republic will come to Nintendo Switch on November 11, 2021.

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