Yellowstone left fans hanging for over a year with an unbelievable cliffhanger, and it lastly returns to the Paramount Network on November 7th to make amends with the first two incidents of season 4. Last year’s finale marked the start of an all-out war against the Duttons, with several members targeted for assassination. In the premiere episodes, “Half the Money” and “Phantom Pain, ” publics will now discover who lives and who dies – as well as who’s having trouble picking up the pieces.

Monica Dutton( Kelsey Asbille, Fargo) has had a tougher period than most adjusting to life on Yellowstone Ranch, partially due to marriage problems linked to Kayce( Luke Grimes, The Magnificent Seven) and partially due to her own loyalty to the Broken Rock Indian Reservation. With the renewed bloodshed and her son Tate’s( Brecken Merrill) proximity to the hulk, the gulf between herself and her husband seems to grow even more insurmountable.

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Asbille spoke to Screen Rant about how Monica is still reeling from the events of the finale, which bleed into the premiere, and how she notes refuge in her people and cultural activities after so much trauma.

Screen Rant: I feel so much for Monica after what she’s been through in the last season, especially in the climax. Can you talk about where her state of mind is when we start the season?

Kelsey Asbille: Yeah, we dive right in. She’s on the phone with Kayce, and … that opening escapade is so intense, and I think that it really informs the rest of the season.

I’m trying not to give any spoilers. This is so hard. I’m talking in questions this whole time. But there’s a brand-new section for Kayce and Monica this season that takes them in a itinerary that we haven’t seen them yet.

Looking back on the superhighway you have taken thus far, what has it been like to build this family unit with Kayce and Tate, on and off-screen?

Kelsey Asbille: It’s been hard. Onscreen, it’s been hard. They’ve been up against some real challenges. Taylor[ Sheridan] sheds in some mean challenges every season.

And then off-screen, I enjoy them. I adore them. Luke and Brecken are just … we’ve truly watched Brecken grow up; he’s a grow a ** mortal now. He glances older than I do; I don’t know how they’re gonna do that next season. And Luke is one of our friend.

Actually, we typically get pulped together. So, I miss him. I feel his absence. But I feel really lucky with the family unit I’ve got.

Is there any brand-new dynamic for Monica this season that you’re energized for fans to see? Or any new side of her that you’re looking forward to showing?

Kelsey Asbille: Yes. I represent, one of my favorite panoramas this season is – I don’t know if this is kind of a spoiler but – Kayce and Monica having it out. For Luke and I, doing that incident was so much fun; really all the things that they wanted to say to each other. I think they both needed that freeing, because they’re still fighting for each other and fighting for this family.

Luke and I were both like, “Woah, that representation was fun to do, right? “

Speaking of the family in the larger context, do you feel like Monica has fully integrated herself into the Dutton family or at Yellowstone Ranch more? How does she feel at home? Does she still want to go home? Where is her premier on that front?

Kelsey Asbille: I reflect she’s ever various kinds of felt outside of it. And, yeah, they don’t actually make it easy. But I meditate, especially this season, seeing her son deal with the trauma of the two attacks and certainly starting to become a Dutton? It genuinely scares her. And she actually goes back and discoveries salving in her beings and in her culture. I are of the view that has very good rippling upshots for Kayce and Tate.

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Yellowstone season 4 debuts on November 7 at 8 PM on the Paramount Network.

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